Fourteen Notorious Accused arrested,34 cases detected,property worth Rs.60.95 Lakhs Recovered by West Division Police

The West division police of Upparpet and KP Agrahara Police inspectors and his crime staff has arrested 14 thieves and detected totally 34 cases of different types as House breaking,Pick-pocketers,and bag lifting gangs has been nabbed and with there arrest the team has recovered stolen property worth Rs.60.95 Lakh from them.
Upparpet police inspector,Ramappa.B. Gutter and his crime staff has arrested two notorious bag lifters identified as,Chand Basha,32,year old,and Syed Akram alias Akram aged about 40 year old, who used to travel in a bus as passenger and used to lift bags of passengers and after lifting the bags they used to aim for jewellery and cash based on the credible inputs and with the CCTV footage the special team detained them and grilled them and they spilled the beans they used to lift bags from crowded bus and places and during interrogation they confessed the crime and based on their statement the team has detected 9 cases as 8 bag lifting and 1 house breaking theft and recovered stolen gold and silver articles worth of Rs.15,10,000 from them.
The same team has arrested pick pocketers gang and house breaking offenders the team has arrested seven more accused in connection with pick pocketing and house breaking thefts and the accused are identified as,Vishwanath,23,Jabeeulla alias Jabee,28,Srinivas,34,Kumar alias Kothi kumar,34,Harish,29,Raghavendra,39,Aslam Pasha,39 and during the course of investigation the accused confessed the crime and spilled the beans that they used to pick pocket in and around Majestic and KSRTC bus stand in crowded places and with their arrest they team has detected 6 cases of pick pocketing and house breaking thefts and recovered 3.65 lakhs cash from them.With this all arrest the upparpet cops have arrested totally 9 accused and detected 15 cases and property worth of Rs.18.75 lakhs recovered from them.
KP Agrahara Police Inspector G.Shivaprasad and his crime staff has arrested notorious dreaded habitual offender Raja alias Japan Raja and his two associates who used to break open the locked house with his special sharp object which he has specially ordered to commit offences he used to roam in and around KP Agrahara and other areas and used to identify locked houses and in the midnight he used to commit offences accomplice with his associates with the special ordered instrument the instrument is very heavy with a little force he used to break open the locks if the lock is very big also only with a little force it will break open as the bolt and screw are fixed it will be half inch and with his instrument he used to put inside the lock and lift it the bolts can be removed and these fellows used to go with a simple instrument and break open the locked houses and rob valuables.When asked how he got a name as Japan Raja, Suneel Kumar, Bengaluru Police Commissioner said as his eyes and he is very short in looking as in Japan most people will be short so he was called as Japan Raja by his associates and with his arrest the KP Agrahara Police have detected 18 house breaking theft cases reported against him and the accused has been identified as Raja alias Japan Raja,40,and his two associates as,Gopi,43,David,34,has been arrested by the team and based on their statement the team has detected totally 18 cases and recovered stolen property of Rs.35 lakhs Gold ornaments 1kg 119gm with one two wheeler has been recovered from them and he stated that Raja used to sell loot such as gold through his two wives,who live in Bannerghatta Road and Coimbatore.Raja’s friends used to call him Japan because has small eyes. Raja got his alias Japan Raja when his name entered police records in 2000.Cops reported that Raja used iron rods to break doors open.He usually fled with ornaments and did not steal things like TVs and vehicles.Raja has claimed that he had no alternative but to stick to robbery since he had to pay his lawyer and meet court expenses.
In another case the team has arrested two brothers identified as,Sridhar,38,and Sendil kumar,42,who used to work in a silver testing lab they both have commited offence of stealing silver ornaments from their shop and with this the cops took the case very seriously the team swung into action and detained both of them and during the course of investigation the cops grilled them and they confessed the crime and spilled the beans and based on their statement the cops have recovered intact silver ornaments from a jewellery shop where they have pledge 17kg 700 gram silver ornaments intact was recovered by the team.
T.Suneel Kumar,Bengaluru city police commissioner told media persons that,West Division police of Upparpet and KP Agrahara Police under the leadership of DCP,West,Ravi.D.Channanavar under the able guidance of,BK Singh,Addl CP West,they have arrested fourteen criminals and detected about 34 cases of different types as,house breaking,Pick-pocketers and bag lifters in the buses like that totally amounting to Rs.65 lakhs worth property has been recovered from these fourteen accused.Out of this one accused the Japan Raja who was earlier arrested in the month of December by the same West Division Police that time we have detected 48 cases and worth of about Rs.1 Crore property was recovered he was sent to jail in the month of February he comes out of the jail on bail and then he continues to through the same house breaking offences this time they have detected 18 offences and recovered properties.Similarly there is a gang of bag lifters and pick pocketers there are two bag lifters in the BMTC buses who travel as passengers and lift the bags without the knowledge of the owner of the bag and they will not even be knowing that how there bags have been lifted especially they will open the bag and aim at the jewellery and other cash that is how this two fellows have been caught by PI,Upparet Ramappa B Gutter and his special team and we will be displaying their photographs in all the buses as public can be alert and take some precautions as we have directed the DCPs too display their photos in all BMTC and KSRTC buses and bus stations too and Similarly seven members of Pick-pocketers who does this pick pocketing in majestic areas have also been arrested by the west Division police and finally the commissioner of police has appreciated,Addl CP,West,BK Singh,DCP West,Ravi.D.Channanavar,ACPs,as, Dharamendra.HN,of Vijayanagar Sub-Division,and Mahanth Reddy NR,of Chickpet Sub-Division,PIs,as,Ramappa.B.Gutter,PSIs,as,Sharanabasappa Sangladh,Umesh,ASI,as,Ningappa and  staff as,Gangadhar,Nagarajappa,Sharanappa,Rajanna, Mumtaz Pasha,Arjun Kamble,Narendra,Sreenivas Shetty,Manjunath,Narayan,Siddaraju,Manjunath,Venkatesh,Harish,Prakash,Jayachandra,Beerappa Kannal,Arun Kumar and other staff has done a tremendous job in detecting the case and catching the notorious criminals and appreciating the good work done out by the Deputy Commissioner of Police and his team of the west division and i reward them with Rs.1 Lakh he added.