The role of a judge is that fundamental rights of the people are protected

The role of a judge is that fundamental rights of the people are protected

Hon’ble Justice A K Sikri: Second G L Sanghi Memorial Lecture at Nagpur on September 1st 2018

Presided over by Hon’ble Justice Sharad Bobde. Guests of Honours: Hon’ble Justice Vipin Sanghi, Hon’ble Justice Bhushan Gavai, Hon’ble Justice Bhushan Dharmadhikari, Sh Mukul Rohatgi, and others

Some excerpts

  1. The role of a law school is to make great lawyers
  1. The first role of a judge is to uphold the constitution and the rules of the law. His second role is to bridge the gap between the law and the society. His third role is in view of globalization, connecting the law with economics in decision-making process and be a person who contributes to the economic progress of the nation
  1. Rule of the law is the basic feature of the constitution and a judge is its guardian
  1. A judge must see that

The democratic principles are followed by the government in power

There is good governance

Fundamental rights of the people are protected

Centre state relationship is respected

Rights of marginalized section of the society and their dignity are translated into reality

  1. The courts can
  1. Create law in enforcing the public rights (Vishakha case). These are “hard cases”. A judge must make them by applying constitutional norms.
  1. The court can enforce the public rights (child labour)
  2. The court can appropriately interpret the rights of the people or can broaden the scope of such norms by interpretative process

All above principles are true for medical profession also.  ( Dr K K Aggarwal President Heart Care Foundation of India)