Notorious International Columbian Burglary Offenders Gang busted by Jayanagar Police,Stolen Property Worth Rs.80 Lakhs Recovered.

Notorious International Columbian Burglary Offenders Gang busted by Jayanagar Police,Stolen Property Worth Rs.80 Lakhs Recovered.
Case Highlights :
* Game over for these foreign nationals.Burglary attempt lands columbian nationals in jail.
* Gustavo Adolfo: Gustavo Adolfo has an MBA from Francisco de Paula Santander University in Colombia.Arrested in 1996 by Colombia police on charges of murdering a cop’s son.He was imprisoned for 16 years and walked out of jail in 2012.
* Jose Edwardo:Jose Edwardo and Yair Aleberto had studied up to high school they visited Bengaluru first in 2016 on tourist visa.Edwardo with Adolfo and an African national burgled houses.
* Yair had a fake American passport along with his Colombian passport.
* Eduard Alexis had completed a food course.
* Kimberly Jhoarya had dropped out of a course on foreign trade.
* Two of the accused had been in India earlier.Jose Edwardo and Gustavo Adolfo had entered India via Nepal in 2016. They came to Bengaluru where they allegedly befriended a couple from an African nation. They teamed up to commit a few thefts in the city.
* When the police arrested one of the accused, the Colombians fled the country.
* In 2010,Edwardo,with the help of an associate, had allegedly committed a theft in a private hotel in the city.
Jayanagar cops have arrested a gang of five columbian nationals including a woman for allegedly trying to burgle two homes in Bengaluru with their arrest cops have solved six burglary case and recovered stolen property worth Rs.80 lakhs from them.
The five hailed from Columbia they visited Bengaluru as tourist but they turned out to be the ones who broke into homes in the city and stole from the host.
The accused has been identified as Jose Edwardo alias Arevalo Burbano,40,from Bogota,Gustavo Adolfo alias Jaramillo Giraldo,47,also from Bogota,Yair Aleberto alias Rozer alias Smith Duarte,45,from Medellin,Eduard Alexis alias Garcia Peramo,38,from South Bogota and Kimberly Jhoarya,30, from San Jose.
Modus Operandi :
The Colombians would scout posh neighbourhoods with the help of Google maps,and look for bungalows that did not have the lights on or with empty garages. Kimberly would wear a head scarf and ring the doorbell,knock on the door or pelt stones at the windows to confirm that the house was empty.She would inform others waiting in the car with her walkie-talkie.With one man waiting in the car, and Kimberly keeping watch outside, the other three would break in and grab everything of value.
Columbian nationals caught in action.
The women who was captured in the CCTV footage was one of the accused columbian with her head covered in a scalf she arrives at a residence in a posh car when she realises that nobody is there at home she calls her associates their whole act was captured on CCTV camera installed at the entrance of the house.The Jayanagar cops have arrested five accused from a hotel in Shivajinagar.The accused used walkie talkies to contact each other the infamous five have been involved in various burglary in the areas of HSR Layout,Banaswadi and Jayanagar not just in karnataka they have burgled houses in Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh.
Among the houses they burgled recently was that of former Karnataka chief secretary Kaushik Mukherjee in HSR Layout. The gang had arrived in the city in two groups from Colombia with the purpose of burgling houses.
Investigating officer told,The Pedro gang this is not the first time that Latin Americans have been arrested for criminal activities in Bengaluru.Central Crime Branch (CCB) police had arrested a gang of four headed by one Pedro in Goa in March 2010, for allegedly stealing gold worth Rs 1.5 crore a week earlier,from Pride Hotel in central Bengaluru.Later, police learnt that they had committed similar offences in Chennai in 2009.The gang of four gave police the slip after being released on bail. Police on their trail found that the gang had burgled a jewellery store in Tumakuru,but were unable to nab them again.Caught in the act CCTV footage recovered from a Jayanagar silk merchant’s residence, where a burglary bid was made on June 22, helped police nail the Latin American gang. The footage showed the woman, suspected to be Kinberly Jhoarya,arriving at the residence in a car.Her head covered in a scarf, Kinberly is seen ringing the bell and peeping through the windows, apparently to confirm if there was anyone inside.The woman is then seen sitting on a bench in the porch and calling her associates.Within two minutes,two men wearing caps and gloves arrive and try to break open the door. The trio flees on spotting the CCTV camera he said.
Bengaluru city police commissioner,T Suneel Kumar told media persons that,Eduard Alexis and his wife Kimberly Jhoarya came to Mumbai on tourist visas before moving to Bengaluru.The others landed in Kathmandu in Nepal in the last week of May and obtained e-visas to enter India via Delhi.By the first week of June,all five were living in service apartments in Benglauru,adding that they were acquainted with each other.They bought a car on an online classifieds platform and started shopping for electric cutters, welders to melt gold, gloves, crowbars, hammers,knives and other tools to break into houses.They purchased pre-activated SIM cards and five mobile phones from a mall.They sourced walkie-talkies from Mexico.The team has gathered this evidence after going through CCTV footage from across the city.After a successful spree of break-ins, the gang sold their car for another model.Edwardo and Gustavo had burgled houses in southern and southeasterns parts of the city in 2016.The duo was then assisted by Shami,a woman from an African country, and her boyfriend.We suspect two of the accused were part of the Pedro gang, whose members were arrested by CCB police in 2010 for allegedly stealing diamond and gold ornaments from exhibition stalls.We need some more time to confirm their roles,Google maps came in handy for them while operating in Bengaluru.With there arrest the jayanagar cops have recovered booty worth Rs 80 lakh,including 950gm of diamond articles, gold ornaments,watches,pens and foreign currency and albums of the ex-chief secretary’s stamp collection from the accused.Barring in the Pedro gang case, the Colombians managed to keep police off their trail.The gangsters visited India frequently on tourist visas.The gang had arrived in Bengaluru in May last and purchased burglary equipment from J C Road and City Market.They purchased a Chevrolet Beat and a Hyundai i10 on OLX and moved around in the neighbourhoods of Bengaluru in search of their target.The gangsters moved in and out of a serviced apartment in J P Nagar and a villa in Bilawaradahalli,where they paid a daily rent of Rs.1,000 and Rs.4,000, respectively. They were picked up from a Shivajinagar hotel.Cops are investigating if the gang was involved in criminal activities in other parts of the country.A case has been registered in Jayanagar Police station and further investigation is on and finally I appreciate,Addl CP West,B.K.Singh,DCP South,Dr.S.D.Sharanappa,ACP Jayanagar Sub-division,H.Srinivas,PI,S.P.Uma Mahesh and his team as,PSIs as,Nagesh,Malappa,M.Poojary,Ms.Sharnamma,and crime staff as,Sadanand,Lokesh,Syed Mushtafa,Srinivas,Veerbhadraiah,Sheshagiri Nayak,Thimmegowda,Vinay Kumar,Anand,Kemparaju.B,Praveen Kumar.K.S,Srinivas,Chandrashekar.R,Shivakumar and Shivarajaiah has been appreciated for the tremendous efforts done by them in busting the racket and nabbing the notorious columbian nationals before they get escape it is a big catch by them and a suitable reward will be given to whole team for catching all the accused before they would escape he added.