Tressmart launches DAFNI Rose Gold in India – a globally patented product in the arena of hair straightening with path breaking design and quick results. The revolutionary product has already generated tremendous global excitement and is running out of stock wherever it has been introduced world over.

With the various parts woman play in their daily life – from being a housewife and a mother to heading accomplishing magnificence in expressions of the human experience, and games, the Indian woman has been in always running out of time to complete everything. That is when, DAFNI launched its hair straightening brush which is a perfect tool for working woman as well who want perfect hair in minutes but give up because of the time constraint. What more does she want? Like never before, she requires a brisk and powerful, preparing instrument to enable her keep the pace with this requesting way of life, something that DAFNI addresses perfectly.

DAFNI Rose Gold along with its stylish wand has a few novel highlights that have guaranteed its unimaginable worldwide achievement. Its progressive plan in the configuration of a brush permits a substantially bigger volume of hair to be fixed when contrasted with a general hair straightener. It is likewise intended to keep up a consistent hair safe temperature that guarantees more prominent security for customers. The final product is hair that has been rectified yet not straightened, leaving the volume flawless. The way this is refined inside minutes and should be possible on dry hair makes DAFNI Rose Gold a perfect partner for each lady in a hurry!  Grab this limited addition wand now and watch it work like wonders on your hair with no damage.

The brush is now making waves in India with individuals like Deepika Padukone, Namrata Soni, Amit Thakur, Mouni Roy, Yami Gautam, Shilpa Shetty and many more taking to web based life to express their enjoyment with the item.



– The brush color (Rose Gold)

– The transparent package

– Thermal cover- for easy storage + Beauty mirror included

– Curved Core™ Technology


Speed: Takes minutes instead of hours! The brush allows a much larger volume of hair to be straightened as compared to a regular hair straightener and results can be achieved in less than 5 minutes.

User friendly: The brush shaped design makes it much more intuitive and user friendly than conventional tongs.

Safe:  The product is devised to maintain a constant hair safe temperature that ensures greater precaution for consumers.

Volume: The constant temperature also ensures that hair is straightened but not flattened, leaving volume intact.

Cost effective: While a single trip to the parlour for a straightening session may cost between Rs. 3000 and Rs. 5000/-, the brush priced at INR 15,999/- would render the same salon like finish innumerable times.

Portable:  The lightweight brush-like design of the product makes it easy to carry.

Anytime: The product can be used on wet and dry hair alike makes DAFNI an ideal companion for every woman on the go!


DAFNI Rose Gold is available for purchase in India at