International Yoga Day 2018

New Delhi 21st June 2018: To celebrate International day of yoga Dr. Udit Raj, Hon’ble MP and New Delhi Social Workers Association (NDSWA) and Art of living came forward to host  an event which was supported by Ministry of Aayush, GOI, DDA and Embassy of Russian Federation in India at Swarna Jayanti Park, Rohini.

Yoga is a precious gift of India’s ancient tradition. In this polluted environment yoga is a blessing to Indian society. By changing our lifestyle and creating consciousness, it can help in well being.This initiative taken by Govt of India, Ministry of Aayush, DDA and New Delhi Social Workers Association is a step towards good health and harmony. Internationally yoga is celebrated all around the world. People are more inclined towards yoga than do regular exercise and gym. Yoga gives  mental strength and positive energy.

Dr. Udit Raj,Hon’ble MP “Yoga promotes harmony and heath in India,by adopting yoga people can cure lot of disease and this initiative taken by Ministry of Aayush to encourage people to embrace yoga in daily life”

Mr. Gaurav Grover, President of NDSWA said “This initiative will give bring awareness in Indian society that people should adopt yoga in their daily life. Yoga will always accelerate to start a day with full of energy and positivity..

Alexei Illyuviev, Second Secretary of Embassy of Russian Federation, “Yoga remains one of the main cultural links between Russia and India.The Indian spiritual, physical and mental practice is growing in popularity across Russia.Russian universities are starting to offer the Indian discipline as a sport in their academic and extra-curricular programs. The best-known yoga program at an educational institution is the one conducted by the People’s Friendship University of Moscow.”