Techie Kidnap Case: Four Notorious Kidnappers arrested by Hebbal police

The Hebbal police have arrested four men for allegedly kidnapping a Bengaluru-based software engineer with the intention of extorting Rs.17.5 lakh from him.
The prime accused, Waseem, a realtor, was a friend of the victim, Jita Mitra, 36. A fifth accused is on the run.
According to the police, Jita had business dealings with Waseem and had also taken his help to invest in the real estate sector. “The accused was aware of Mitra’s financial status. He decided to kidnap him and extort money from him,” said a police officer.
The Hebbal police arrested Mohammed Waseem, Pradeep Sagar, Sunil Yuvaraj and Salman, while the fifth accused Syed is still on the run.
The police said Waseem, the prime accused in the kidnap case, conspired with his friends to stage the kidnapping of Jita Mitra (36), owner of a call centre, to extort money.They invested in real estate that fetched handsome returns for Mitra. Having.
Investigation officer told media persons that On May 3rd, as Mitra was returning home, the gang intercepted his car and accused him of colliding with their vehicle. They forced Mitra to sit in their car, drove him to an isolated place and tortured him, demanding ransom.The men took him to isolated place and then tortured Mitra to stay silent, but soon after his release, he approached the police to inform them about the incident.As soon as the complaint was registered at Hebbal police station a special team was formed and swung into action and based on statement from the victim the team summoned Waseem and in his statement he told them that he paid the ransom money to the kidnappers,but they grew suspicious when Waseem evaded their calls and failed to turn up.Waseem, meanwhile, he called Mitra to express his disapproval of him going to the police.Mitra tipped off the crime team about the call, on the basis of which they took him in their custody and confirmed his involvement.The team also managed to track down the other accused on Friday and produced the four accused before a magistrate, who remanded them to judicial custody he added.
Jita Mitra,Kidnap victim told media persons that,A Night turned into nightmare for him as when I was returning home from Sanjaynagar to Anandnagar via Hebbal.I was taking a turn at the 5th main when a car hit my vehicle from rear.I got down from the vehicle and looked for the damages.Five men got down from the vehicle and picked up an argument.They sought compensation and asked me to come to the police station.I agreed and told them that I will take my vehicle but they rejected and asked me to get into their vehicle.They tried to snatch my keys,but I did not allow them to then the five men overpowered me and put me in their vehicle the first thing they did was to take a knife and cut my arm.That’s when I understood that it was something more than a road rage.They said that they were employed to kidnap me and they would get a whopping Rs.50L for the job. The gang members started negotiating with me.They asked me how much I could pay for my safe release.They threatened me saying if I didn’t give them money they would kill me and take the money from the one who plotted the crime.They me to call up my family or friends for the money.A total of Rs 17.5L was arranged the kidnappers agreed to release me.I asked them about my car they said that they will hold my car with them to make sure I do not lodge a police complaint.They promised that they would return the car if I do not lodge a complaint or would fix me in a murder case using my car.The kidnappers got from 29 and form 30 signed from me. The kidnappers also forced me to sign some blank cheques.I asked wasim what was the need to give blank cheques as we have already paid Rs. 17.5L as ransom.Wasim replied that the kidnappers had done the same with him they had asked him to sign on cheques.The SI asked for the details of the money that was paid to the kidnappers.I told them wasim and prabhu had arranged the money.The SI asked me to call them to the station when I called they told me not to mention their names in the complaint.I mentioned the names of my family members for negotiation,but the kidnappers rejected them. They rejected my business partner too. They asked me for names of my friends especially Muslims I took the name of one friend from R T Nagar his name was mujahid.The kidnappers rejected him,but they agreed when I took Wasim’s name along with some documents,the kidnappers also got my signatures on cheques the cheque book was inside the car only wasim knew about it. I did not understand how the kidnappers got their hands on it. Later on I registered a complaint in Hebbal police station to nab the culprits and after full efforts by cops I got to know that the Maastermind behind the crime is Wasim he added.
DCP North,Chethan Singh Rathore, told media persons that a complaint was registered at Hebbal police station on may 5th Jita Mitra a techie was kidnapped while returning home.A car rammed into his vehicle from the rear the men in the car picked up an argument and kidnapped him on the pretext of taking him to the police station.After assaulting him they asked for telephone numbers of his friends for negotiating the ransom. We had our suspicious about wasim from the time we received the complaint. In the end the suspicion turned out to be true. The Mastermind turned out to be Mohammed Wasim. Wasim and Jita Mitra were friends but wasim wanted to make quick money at Mitra’s cost.He took help of his friends and planned the crime no money was exchange on the night.But they told Jita that they had paid Rs 17.5L to get him released.They had planned to take the money from Jita Mitra.We have arrested the main accused Mohammed wasim along with Salman,Sunil and Pradeep we have recovered vehicle of the victim too. Salman hails from Hassan,Sunil is from Channapatna while wasim and Pradeep are residents of Sunkadakatte and HBCS layout.They have no past criminal records.This is the first case against them they knew Jita was rich so they thought they could get money by planning a kidnap for ransom drama.Wasim and Jita Mitra knew each other for 3 years and were good friends he had not collected any money from anybody he planned it a way such that first he would get Mitra kidnapped and then he would pose as if he had arranged the money for his release.The kidnappers had told Mitra that wasim had arranged the money and Jita Mitra had to pay him back and successfully the team has nabbed all the accused who has plotted a plan of kidnap by making easy money a case has been registered in Hebbal police station and further investigation is on and finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner,T Suneel Kumar,Addl CP West,B K Singh,has appreciated,DCP North,Chetan Singh Rathore,ACP,V Krishnappa,PI,H Narasimaiah,PSI,Rajesh V M,with crime staff,as,Munirajaiah,Nagaraju,Ravishankar,Anand,Ananthraju,Nandish,and chandrashekar has been appreciated for the commendable job done by them in nabbing the notorious kidnappers he added.