Mudpipe Cafe Fire: Blast Heard After Massive Blaze Erupts at Bengaluru Pub,Man Jumps Off Building sustained injuries

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar


ire erupts in a Bengaluru pub on the 4th floor of a building in Tavarekere.One person reportedly jumped, sustaining injuries, and has been hospitalized.

The injured sustained multiple fracture and rushed to nimhans where he is being treated.

The incident reported at around 12 noon when few staff were busy preparing for the menu fire broke out at one of the cylinder leakage and soon the fire engulfed the whole resturant.

while people ran out to safety one of the staffer who was stuck managed to come out of the fourth floor through window and leaped.

Five fire tenders rushed to the spot to put out the blaze and evacuated the building occupants and people from the adjacent buildings before cardoning the area.

By then false ceiling used for the decoration of the restaurant starts falling down igniting fire to the vehicles parked in the ground floor.

Panic gripped among the residents who blamed the restaurant operating in residential area serving liquor and smoking with school and colleges around.

The police said that negligence on part of the management and lack of fire safety measures led to the fire.

A case has been booked against the owner for further investigation.

Luckily the fire broke out before the commencement of the restaurant before the guest started arriving.