Southeast Zone Cops Busted Notorious Dreaded Gangs,49 Arrested,158 cases solved,Valuables Worth Rs.3.37 recovered

Southeast Zone Cops Busted Notorious Dreaded Gangs,49 Arrested,158 cases solved,Valuables Worth Rs.3.37 recovered.
The South East Zone police of various police stations have arrested, 49 people in connection with 158 cases of breaking into houses, attention diversion, and vehicle theft.
They have seized valuables worth Rs.3.37 Crore, including 3 kg 100 gram of gold and silver jewellery, 16 cars, 5 autorickshaws and 103 two-wheelers.
In famous attention diversion gang members nabbed .
Madiwala police inspector,Mallesh Bolletin and his crime staff has nabbed two notorious interstate dacoits, of O.G.Kupam Gang Members and recovered Rs.18 lakhs in cash.Accused has been identified as, Srinivasalu alias Seena and Babu 38 year old both resident of O.G.Kupam.
Bomanahalli Police Inspector, L Rajesh,and his crime staff has nabbed notorious habitual offender Prakash alias Balaji alias Balu alias Khan,on charges of House breaking theft case with his arrest we have recovered 60 lakhs worth,of Diamond,Platinum Gold and silver ornaments and with his arrest 22 cases has been solved of various police station .
Koramangala Police Inspector, Manjunath and his crime staff has nabbed 2 HBT offenders namely as, Prathap Kumar alias Appu alias kumara alias Gowda and Sohan Das and after their arrest our team grilled them and based on their statement we have recovered Rs.32 lakhs worth of 1KG 100 gram gold,with 600 grams silver ornaments has been recovered from them and with their arrest our team has solved totally 12 cases .
Electronic city police inspector, Mallesh and his crime staff has nabbed 3 HBT offenders and based on their statement we have recovered stolen property as 460 gram gold worth of Rs.12 lakhs and the accused has been identified as,Nagaraj,Imran Khan,alias Ramjen and karthik Kumar .
“Notorious Vehicle lifters Nabbed” .
Hulimavu Police inspector,S.J.Mahajan, and his crime staff nabbed 6 inter-state vehicle thieves and based on their statement we have recovered totally 15 Hi-end cars and 18 two wheelers has been recovered worth of Rs.95 lakhs, and with this arrest we have detected totally 33 cases.Accused has been identified as, Sudham Hussain, 25,Sharvan,22,Manikanta alias mani,Arjun,Salman,Anjan alias Anji.
Parapana Agrahara police inspector, Kishore Kumar and his crime staff has nabbed Karthik alias Appi and recovered 28 two wheelers worth of Rs.15 lakhs .
Begur police inspector,Sreenivas and his crime staff has nabbed two vehicle lifters as,Pawan Kumar,Harish alias Thonga and recovered 5 Auto Rickshaw with 15 two wheelers worth of Rs.6.5 lakhs .
Madiwala police inspector, Bolletin and his crime staff has nabbed 3 vehicle lifters as,Karthik alias book,Manikanta,25,Lokesh and recovered 6 bikes worth of Rs.1.9 lakhs .
Koramangala Police Inspector, Manjunath and his crime staff has nabbed 3 vehicle lifters as, Srinivas alias Seena alias Tavarekerre seena and recovered 2 bikes worth of Rs.2 lakhs.
HSR Layout police inspector, Nagaraj D R and his crime staff has nabbed the notorious vehicle lifter as Nagendra and recovered 6 bikes worth of Rs.2.5 lakhs .
Adugodi police Inspector,Cheluvegowda  and his crime staff has nabbed the vehicle lifter Manjunath and recovered 2 stolen  vehicles worth of Rs.2 lakhs
Bandepalya police Inspector,Ramesh Kumar and his crime staff has nabbed 4 notorious vehicle lifters as, Mohammed Imran,Syed Maqsood,Abhishek alias abhi,Yogesh alias Yogi and recovered Rs.5.26 lakhs worth of stolen vehicles .
Venkat Victim’s friend told media persons that as on 13th December 2017,one of my son ‘s friend had come from Andhra Pradesh to sell his land.The deal was finished and they came back home with 39 lakhs rupees in their SUV in 10 minutes by the time they drank coffee,my son heard a noise.He went out to check it out,Someone had broken the windshield of the SUV and stolen the cash.As soon as we called the cops,they checked all the CCTV cameras.They got two suspects.Based on that they checked how they followed the car till our house.When they saw the MO -Modus operandi of the two people who followed us,they were sure it was the OG Kuppam gang.The Madiwala cops went to OG Kupam and stayed there for 3-4days to catch the suspects.They have worked really hard.They have recovered about Rs.18 lakh of cash.They have assured us that they will catch the other accused and return our full amount too he added.
“This gang loots people using catapult”.
Notorious O G kuppam gang nabbed at last .
T Suneel Kumar,Bengaluru city police commissioner told media persons that, There are 72 lakh vehicles in Bengaluru.People do not park them in their homes.This is another major field of theft now.People duplicate the keys of the car when no one is watching.Then they steal the car.By the time we get a complaint the car is already modified and sold off.We have nabbed a notorious attention diversion gang from O G Kuppam.2-3 months back also we had caught 6 people from this gang and recovered lakhs of cash and gold jewellery.Attention diversion cases are on the rise.They will tell you that you have dropped 100 rupees,while you Bend down to pick it up,they will steal your bag from your car and escape.They do this to people who leave Banks,women who leave jewelery stores and people who are carrying cash from business deals.We are trying very hard to raise awareness.About such criminals through the media.Do not lose your valuables for a mere 100 rupees.Our cops worked very hard and caught the members of the gang.They have even recovered 50% of the loot.I just want to take this opportunity to warn people to be careful about their own belongings.catching thieves and recovering the loots is our responsibility,we will do it.But if people join hands we can avoid such crimes.I want to reward Boralingaiah and Seemanth Kumar for heading the operation in East division.I am also announcing a cash reward of Rs.1 Lakh rupees.
Additional Commissioner of Police East , Seemanth Kumar Singh, told media persons that, O G Kupam gang specializes in attention – diversion .They followed them till the destination.Broke open the glass and made away with a bag containing Rs.39 lakhs rupees.Madiwala ACP Sampath Kumar led the investigations and inspector Bolletin and other crime staff conducted a thorough technical investigation they even kept a close watch on them by waiting near to their house for about a week and kept a close watch near to their house for about a week and with great difficulties and efforts our team finally been successful in nabbing 2 persons with the scientific and technical support our team traced the location of the gang and have caught two of the five members of the gang. We have retrieved Rs.18 lakhs from the two arrested accused and a manhunt is on for the other 3 accused who are still at large one team is  still deployed in O G Kupam only to nab the other gang members he added .
DCP Southeast,Dr.Borlingaiah told media persons that a business man by name Venkat a resident of Madiwala on December 13th 2017,apparently he had gone to Begur sub register office to sale and register one of his sites to the person who has taken it, in that transactions he got about 39 lakh rupees of money which he kept it in his scorpio vehicle and from Begur via Hosur road he came down to venkateshwara layout in Madiwala police station limits to go to one of his friends residence.They kept the bag in the vehicle itself and apparently they went inside the house.Meanwhile when they came out suddenly they could hear the the noise of siren in the vehicle so when they happened to come and see vehicle the vehicle there was nobody around, but front glass of the scorpio vehicle was broken and also the big with 39 lakhs Cash was missing from that particular place.later on a complaint was filed in Madiwala police station that he has lost 39 lakhs of cash from his car.baded on a complaint investigation was taken up by our IO and Inspector of Madiwala police station Mallesh Bolletin and his team under the supervision of ACP Madiwala Sampath Kumar.They did thorough investigation on the crime mode,Crime intelligence and also based on the technical assessment they were able to zero up on the gang which has committed this particular theft.So they were able to identify the gang which has got its origin from OG Kupam of Chittor district of Andhra Pradesh state.With our investigation the team was also able to identify their hide out and the place where they used to leave a small apartments in Begur area which they are taken for rent.Later they watched the area and apparently when our team went in search for them the house was locked.So our team watched their for 1 week also later when they happened to come back only 2 people two accused by name Srinivasalu and bau came back and they were apprehended by our people later on during the interogatiin they confessed to have committed this offence and taken away 39 lakhs rupees of money from that particular vehicle.So totally they were 6 accused of which 2 of them has been arrested now with great difficulties Rs.18 lakhs of rupees out of this 39 lakhs have been recovered form them.So I place on record that my  sincere appreciation to the team which worked hard to identify the gang to nab them and recover his half of the money so far.A wonderful work has been done by our Inspector Bolletin and his team he added.
Ramalinga Reddy, Home Minister of Karnataka said,the southeast division police of various police station has recovered Rs.3.37 Crore worth of stolen Property by arresting 49 accused with this arrest they have detected totally 158 cases.The stolen property recovered in last 2 months by the team are, 3Kg 100 gram worth of gold ornaments,silver ornaments,16 Hi-end cars, 5-Auto rickshaws,with 103-Two wheelers has been recovered by the team.
Today I am here to return the property to the victims who has lost their valuables,and vehicles in just seconds one person by name Venkat a resident of Madiwala has lost 39 lakhs in front of his house only by O G Kuppam gang today our cops has done a good job by nabbing two person and has recovered half as 50 percent of amount as 18 lakhs. Another gang has been nabbed two persons who has stolen 16 cars which were used to park on roadside they used to break open the windshield of the car to open the door and using drilling machine they used to break open the ignition lock and by connecting the wires directly they used to steal the car and later on by doing some modification they used to sell this car in Tamilnadu.Hulimavu Police inspector,S.J.Mahajan received a tip-off from the informant that some person is coming to sell the cars in Hulimavu area the inspector formed a special team and swung into action and based on information one team was sent to Tamilnadu to nab the car thieves the team headed by inspector Mahajan kept a close watch on the miscreants and when they were trying to sell the car to customer they were nabbed red handed and for further interrogation they were taken to police station and during interrogation they spilled the beans and confessed to crime and based on their statement the team has arrested totally 6 persons and recovered 15 Hi end cars with 18 two wheelers worth of Rs.95 lakhs.When I held a property parade last year in Yelahanka I instructed commissioner to book cases against receivers of the vehicle who are purchasing the stolen vehicles without documents and are selling at low rates in other state till you book the receiver the theft case will not come down based on the instructions today cops are booking receiver also for purchasing stolen properties.Today in Bengaluru there are more than 60 lakhs vehicles, Ramalinga Reddy said when I was small child in our area in Hombegowdanagar I am a resident of Hombegowdanagar in whole area there was only 6 cars and compulsorily the car owners used to park their car in garage only. But today you can see most of the cars and two wheelers are parked in road side only 1 crore or 2 crore car is also parked on roadside everywhere you can see only vehicles I appeal to all who does not have parking place they should make some alternate arrangement for car parking by this vehicle theft cases can come down. 20 years back I been to Delhi I used to see cars on all roads but compare to Delhi in Bengaluru it is more all roads are occupied with vehicles. Every year across state 10,000 vehicle thefts cases are registered in Bengaluru only 5000 vehicle theft cases get registered,in this 50 percent will be recovered rest will be sent for scrap,as thieves will stole the bike as usual and sell it to villagers at low rate and till you don’t book cases against receiver who purchase the vehicles vehicle theft cases will not come down. As per my instructions they have started booking cases against receivers too now.Compare to BJP regime in our regime as per the NCRB which comes to intelligence department they analyse population, vehicles,crimes throughout India we are in 10th place, when the previous government was ruling in the year 2008-2009 the crime rate was at 7%  then it came to 6.7% and then it came to 6%.and in our regime it has come down to 5% as 1% crime rate has come down.Crime rates got increased because in traffic DD cases and 283 cases were booked under IPC section 10,500 cases were booked in traffic cases, if we remove this 10,500 cases the crime rate would not have come to 4% 4 to 4.5% . If you take murders in their regime 8000 murders reported and till 2017 in our rule as Congress 7000 murders took place . Assault cases in the BJP regime 1.9 lakhs were registered in our regime 14,000 cases has come down it would have been more less as due to POCSO cases more as now a small incident is also taken under POCSO as it came into act in the year 2012 the assault cases are increasing due to POCSO not only here it is increasing in numbers throughout India.We have even asked the cops to open Goonda Act on rowdy sheeters and even on those who assault cops on duty.And just 11,000 police cannot protect whole bengaluru city it is very difficult to protect everyone,and so only we have given them guns and pistol to be used on criminals when it is necessary and if SPs,Police inspector become strict and act tough on rowdies means automatically many rowdies leave automatically leave the city and eve teasing,Ganja Affim peddler skill games and all will shut down and many will wind up from the city only and finally I appreciate,Bengaluru city police commissioner,T Suneel Kumar,Addl CP East, Seemanth Kumar Singh, DCP,Southeast,Dr.Borlingaiah,ACPs as, Sampath Kumar,Karibasavanagowda,Ramesh Kumar K N,PIs as,Mallesh Bolletin,L.Rajesh,Manjunath,Mallesh, S.J.Mahajan,Kishore Kumar,Srinivas,Nagaraj D R,Cheluvegowda,Ramesh Kumar,PSIs as,Ms.Eshwari Suresh and other PSIs,ASIs,and whole crime staff has been appreciated for the commendable job done by them who has successfully nabbed the notorious O G Kupam gang,and HBT offenders gang and the property were returned to victims he added.