Notorious Nepalese Gang Arrested by Banaswadi police Recovered Stolen Property worth Rs.80 Lakhs.

Five youth, hailing from Nepal, were arrested by Banaswadi police here on Friday for stealing valuables worth Rs. 80 lakh from the house of a businessman on August 13.
The security guard along with his four accomplices ransacked all the 5 rooms and all the corners of house and decamped with valuables which included around 2.5 kg of gold ornaments and 10 kg of silver articles.
The Police tracked the security guard Harkha Shahi, a 23-year-old from Nepal, in Pune three days after the robbery.
Another team arrested the four accomplices based on the information shared by Shahi.
The accused has been identified as Harka shahi 23 years,Lalith Shahi 21 years,Basanth Shahi 21 year,Keshar Shashi 19 year and Mahesh Devba all residents of Nepal.
Valuables were stolen .
Harka was appointed to wash the car.
Raghu Raj, House owner told media persons,that I returned from office early and picked up my daughter from college.Since we had a long weekend.We planned to a trip to Shiridi.I booked 4 tickets by bus.The bus was leaving at 3:30.So around 2 PM,we all left for Shirdi by bus.We packed and were waiting for the cab to arrive.I called Harka Shahi who stays near the construction site near our house.I asked him to guard the house during the night.I asked him to sleep in the car Portico during night for two days.Harka shahi asked me not to worry and he agreed to take care of the house.I paid him two hundred rupees previously.A man named keshav was washing my car.I had asked him to take care of my sister’s house when they had been to Australia.So we thought it was ok to ask him to guard the house.He quit the job and before he left.He introduced Harka shahi to us.He has worked here for twelve days.He used to wash our car and fetch milk.Flowers and newspaper were delivered at my doorstep.I called Harka Shahi on Sunday morning to take the flowers to the nearby temple and keep the newspaper in the garage.He picked my call did and what I said.Our maid noticed that windows grills were broken.She informed the neighbours who in turn informed me.I first called my brother in law and the area corporator.They informed the cops.We were supposed to go to Shani Shingnapur and had booked a cab too.But we cancelled the trip and rushed back to bengaluru by flight.We were shocked.My wife,especially,was disturbed they have ransacked my house completely.I don’t know how to thank the police because they have done a tremendous job.Though my presence was not there,they have handled the situation and solved the case.We are happy that we got back our valuables he added .
Investigation officer said, Harka shahi a security guard came to Bengaluru 6 Months before in search of job and he got small time job of car washing at Raghu’s house.We verified all the CCTV footage from the neighbouring areas and we found that one person is walking but it did not help us but after collecting more information from the house owner about who all was working in his house and based on the owners statement we tried calling Harka shahi but his mobile number was switched off and after taking a help with Cyber Crime we verified his call details and called the numbers he called but all numbers were switch off and we grew more suspicious on him and we got to confirm that it is a gang of four to five has burgled the house and then we got one crucial evidence is a message which was in his mobile phone which led us to nab the suspect a ticket booking message from National travels he booked a ticket to mumbai and based on the bus details provided by travel agency we contacted  the driver of the bus and we asked who is seating in the seat he confirmed us that one Nepali is seating soon without taking a chance we informed Belagavi police to apprehend the suspect in check post immediately Belagavi police swung into action and apprehended Harka shahi and they checked his bag and entire bus but they couldn’t find valuable and later on our team rushed to Belagavi and took Harka shahi into custody and during questioning we asked him why did he did not take his family along with him he was stumbled when we questioned him and our team grilled him and he spilled the beans later on we asked him to try calling his friends but it was switch off but one of his friends has switched on the phone and we asked him to speak to them and ask them where they are but in Nepali language he said them that I am caught by police in Bengaluru you people escape soon from there and immediately we got to know that he is asking them to escape from Mumbai one of our team immediately catched a flight along with Harka shahi and they left to Mumbai and with the help of Mumbai police and with reliable inputs we were able to nab Lala shahi the main prime accused in the case and as soon as we detained him we were waiting for his other gang members to call lala shahi and all other called on lala shahi number and we traced the call to pune and nabbed all other from pune and during interrogation they all confessed the crime and spilled the beans that they have distributed the valuables among themselves and left separately to Mumbai and from there after getting there share they were about to leave to Nepal but it went vain as based on one single ticket booking message helped us to nab the notorious culprits and recover valuables from their possession.
DCP East Division, Ajay Hillori said that the house owner registered a complaint with us on August 14th and he has stated that their security guard Harka shahi has burgled the house with the help of his associates.The burglars stole the gold jewellery from the house and based on complaint Banaswadi inspector, D H Munikrishna with other senior officials rushed to spot along with dog squad and finger print experts too rushed to spot and collected the stock of situation even area corporator too visited and as it was a high profile case Bengaluru Police Commissioner,T Suneel Kumar with Addl CP East zone,Seemanth Kumar Singh formed three special teams from East division headed by ACP Ravikumar and his team swung into action to trace out this case during the course of investigation the Banaswadi police inspector and his crime staff visited the crime scene and enquired neighbours with other security guards and collected intelligence information in this regards and as on 16th August based on the credible information one of the accused Harka Shahi 23 year old resident of Nepal was arrested in Sasanepur pune Maharashtra and during the interrogation the team grilled the accused and then he spilled the beans he revealed that his other associates are also involved in the crime and based on his inputs inspector Munikrishna and his crime staff on 20th August arrested the other four accused and based on their statement Banaswadi police recovered 2.5 kg gold ornaments,10 kg silver articles,1.5 kg artificial gold,laptops,cameras,I-Pod and other items worth of about Rs.80 lakhs from their possession and a case has been registered in Banaswadi police station and efforts is in progress and efforts of East division police in detecting the case has been highly appreciated by Bengaluru Police Commissioner and finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner, T Suneel Kumar, Addl CP East Zone,Seemanth Kumar Singh, has appreciated DCP East Division, Dr.Ajay Hillori, ACP Ravikumar,with PI Munikrishna  and his crime staff has been appreciated for the tremendous job done by them and a suitable reward is been given to team who has detected the case within 8 days he added.