The previous government did nothing in 5 years;None of them have the face and morals to ask for votes,Congress must win if the constitution is to survive,Narendra Modi is acting like a dictator and is anti-democratic: CM Siddaramaiah

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that Narendra Modi is acting like a dictator and is anti-democratic.

Constitution is not safe under Narendra Modi’s government.If we want to survive, the Constitution must survive.

If the constitution is to be protected, we must vote for the Congress.

BJP believes in Mussolini and Hitler ideology.When the constitution was implemented in this country,RSS opposed it.

The CM appealed that the Congress candidate must win if democracy is to survive.

He was speaking at the election campaign for Lok Sabha election candidate Sunil Bose in Kollegala city today.

*They are united with the sole aim of defeating the Congress:

‘We won 136 seats by getting 43% votes in the last assembly elections.The ruling opposition won only 66 seats.

The party, which claims to be secular, won 19 seats. Now both of them are afraid of this election.They have come together and face the Congress party without any ideology or programme.

The only goal is to defeat the Congress.They have not achieved anything to claim what they have done for the farmers, Dalits,backward and minorities.

H.D Kumaraswamy of JDS was the Chief Minister for one year. Then BS Yediyurappa and Basavaraja Bommai were the Chief Ministers.They did nothing in 5 years.

What they are asking is to vote for Modi and not on the basis of work. He said that none of them have the face and morale to seek votes’.

*There is no election issue other than Modi:

‘The BJP has no election material other than Modi. What did Modi say and do in 10 years as Prime Minister under NDA leadership for 10 years? He called for people to reflect and then vote’.

The PM said that he will bring the black money from abroad and deposit Rs 15 lakhs in everyone’s account. Did he?.

They said that they will double the income of farmers in 5 years, did he do it? Are the farmers happy? He said that he will create 2 crore jobs per year, did he?.

So far 20 crore jobs should have been created.But not even 20 lakh jobs have been created.

According to the Swaminathan Commission report, they promised to provide 50 per cent on the cost of harvesting a crop.

They said that Rs 150 will be deducted if Rs 100 has been spent, but till now it has not been implemented.

He said that he will reduce the price of petrol, diesel and gas, he said that the price of rice, gram, millet and corn will come down. Did he try to lower prices? The CM asked a series of questions.

*Failures of NDA Government*

‘In 2014, the price of diesel was Rs.49 per liter and today it is Rs 95. Petrol price was Rs.71 and now it is Rs 110. If the price of the cylinder was Rs.410, now it is Rs.950.

The PM said ‘Acche Din Ayega’ to the people of the entire country.The CM asked-has the good days come’? .

Make in India is not a success.Even today they continue to import goods from foreign countries.

Narendra Modi is a complete failure as Prime Minister. The CM said that these are the failures of the NDA government’

*Adani,Ambani,Tata,Birla have developed:

‘They say Sab Ka Saath, Sab Ka Vishwas for namesake. He said that the development of 140 crore people of this country has not been achieved till today.

Only Adani,Ambani,Tata,Birla have developed.The poor, farmers and women did not develop.The CM questioned whether we should vote for BJP after all this’

‘I and DK Shivakumar,Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi,Party President Mallikarjun Kharge appealed to the people of Karnataka,that if we are given power,we will fulfill our promises.He said that people should reflect about it’

*Guarantees reached people:

Women are travelling in buses for free under Shakti scheme 98% of the houses in Chamarajanagar have been given free electricity and Rs.2000 is being given to women under the Grihalakshmi scheme.

Rs.170 is given to the people instead of rice as the central government did not agree to give rice for the Anna Bhagya scheme’,the CM said. .

He explained that under the Yuvanidhi scheme, 3000 is being given to unemployed graduates and 1500 to unemployed diploma holders every month.

*Should we vote for liars and cheats?.

The opposition has indulged in false propaganda that Siddaramaiah does not want the votes of Hindus.He questioned whether such liars and cheats should be given votes?.

They are spreading rumours that the guarantee schemes will stop after the Lok Sabha elections.He clarified that the guarantee plans will not be stopped for any reason.He said that we are not the ones who break the promises.

‘Earlier,when I was the Chief Minister, we had given schemes like Anna Bhagya, Krishi Bhagya,Indira Canteen,Loan Waiver,Maitri,Manaswini,Shadi Bhagya, Shoe Bhagya etc.We kept our promises.

He said that the difference between BJP and Congress is that they do the keep the promises that they made. Lie is the deity of the BJP.

The work of empowering the poor, and the farmers can only be done by the Congress. He said BJP cannot do it.

He explained that it was the Siddaramaiah-led government that brought the SCSP/TSP Act for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Classes, which decided to spend funds according to the population, brought reservation in contracts, and in promotion.

*Issuance of Nyaypatra:

Congress has declared Basavanna as a cultural leader as we have faith in Basavadi Sharanas.We will implement the Swaminathan report,we have promised to give Rs.1 lakh per year to the youth.A Nyaypatra been issued for this.Many programmes have been announced, he said.

Senior Congress leaders were present on the occasion.