Kalyani Life Institute organizes Rakhi Mahatsav for Inclusive India initiative.

Sumit Agarwal

Kalyani | 6th August, 2017 – Kalyani Life Institute organizes Rakhi Mahatsav – an all-inclusive event for the special-needs
children of Kalyani.
The ‘Inclusive India’ initiative emphasizes three key points to be noted when trying to induce an inclusive society –
Inclusive Education, Inclusive Employment and Inclusive Community Life.
Kalyani Life Institute’s Rakhi Mahatsav Event was an initiative to involve the special-needs children in the community life
of Kalyani. The event included a three-phase road show, where the children were taken to six stops in Kalyani to tie
rakhis to various members of the community such as bus-drivers and shopkeepers. The road-show procession included
the children, their parents and various supporters. The children tied over two hundred rakhis to people of the local
community and distributed leaflets including the relevant information required to educate the people, raise awareness
and further their cause. The main goal of this event was to raise awareness about disabilities and their effects, and to
create a bond between the children and society, in order for them to maintain more meaningful social contacts.
As said by Mr. Siddhartha Sankar Mukhopadhyay, the founder of Kalyani Life Institute, ‘Amongst every sixty-eight
children born in India, at least one is born as an autistic child. The cause of autism is still unknown, but the statistics and
effects are known, so we must maximize our efforts to ensure that they feel as included in society as any other child, and
are provided with equal treatment and opportunities in every sphere. It is important to bring the limelight to this issue
and spread awareness amongst the local community.’
Kalyani Life Institute furthers the Inclusive India initiative by focusing on an all-rounded, three-pronged approach to
inclusiveness. The organization runs an inclusive school to ensure inclusive education, as the government directives state
that every child upto 14 years of age is entitled to primary education, and no institute can refuse to educate anyone based
on disabilities. Kalyani Life Institute also creates opportunities in various sectors for the inclusive employment of their
students and actively promotes awareness to inculcate an inclusive community life for the children. The children should
not face harsh and disrespectful comments when trying to participate in regular community activities such as shopping
or watching movies. Any disregard and disrespect can be harmful to their mental health and overall harm their growth
and development. It is the goal of Kalyani Life Institute to ensure harmony amongst the inclusive community.