Modi-Putin: Modi’s embrace with Putin.. Zelensky reacted strongly

Modi-Putin: Ukrainian President Zelensky expressed his displeasure over Indian Prime Minister Modi’s meeting with Russian President Putin. He said that this will be a severe blow to peace efforts.



Galla S Kiran Kumar, Bureau Chief

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Modi Russia Visit) is on a visit to Russia. He reached Moscow on Monday for a two-day visit.. Russian President Vladimir Putin (Putin) gave him special hospitality. The scenes of the two lovingly embracing each other have gone viral on social media. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy reacted strongly to these developments . PM Modi ‘s meeting with Putin disappointed them.

37 people lost their lives in the missile attack by Russia on Monday in Ukraine . Among the dead are three children. 170 people including 13 children were injured. Soon after, another children’s hospital was hit by a Russian missile. Many were buried under the rubble. On such a day, the leader of the world’s largest democracy (referring to Modi) embraced the world’s most brutal criminal (referring to Putin) in Moscow. It was very disappointing. “This is a strong setback for peace efforts,” Zelensky wrote in his ‘X’ account. He expressed his displeasure by sharing photos of the Russian attack.

Moscow rained missiles on Ukraine during Modi’s visit to Russia. Five cities were targeted in fierce attacks. A total of 40 missiles were launched. Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that many apartments, government buildings and hospitals collapsed .

Meanwhile, reliable sources revealed that Modi mentioned the issue of war with Ukraine during the meeting with the President of Russia (Modi Putin Meet). India always respects territorial integrity and sovereignty of countries. There are no solutions on the battlefield. Talks and diplomacy are the ways forward,” said the Indian Prime Minister to Putin.