Chief Minister Siddaramaiah stated that development and progress are not possible if the Deputy Commissioners assume that they are Maharajas

Dr.Thomas (Sub-Editor)

C hief Minister Siddaramaiah’s Introductory Remarks at the Meeting of Deputy Commissioners and Zilla Panchayat Chief Executive Officers at Vidhana Soudha Conference Hall

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah stated that development and progress are not possible if the Deputy Commissioners assume that they are Maharajas.

He instructed both politicians and officers to remember that they are public servants and must serve the people.

He was addressing the meeting of Deputy Commissioners,Chief Executive Officers, and in-charge secretaries held at Conference Hall,Vidhana Soudha today.

DCs,SPs, and CEOs should work proactively and in coordination to effectively deliver government programmes and projects to the common people.

Only then can the concerns of the government reach the people can be achieved, he said.

Work for dengue control in the state on a war footing.

The Chief Minister instructed that DCs and DHOs must hold regular meetings with taluk-level officials and work expeditiously.

Action has been taken against lower-level officers for their indifference,negligence,and dereliction of duty until now.

The Chief Minister warned that from today onwards,he will also hold senior officials accountable and take action.

Other Highlights :

-DCs and CEOs should work diligently with comprehensive information about their district at their fingertips.Only then can progress and development be seen.

-The government should become more effective based on the experience of politicians and officers.Compared to how officers performed their work 40 years ago, today’s performance shows that the executive and legislature are not working more efficiently and qualitatively.It’s a sorry state of affairs.

-Development and law and order are complementary. Without one, there cannot be the other.

-Don’t forget that Karnataka is a model state in good governance.The onus is on you to continue this feat.

-Before going to any district,district officers should know comprehensive information about the district along with the human development indexes of the respective districts.

-The Chief Minister mentioned that there has been a decline in the SSLC results in some districts;it is commendable that copying has been completely stopped this time.But the claim that the results have fallen only because of this is not correct.

-Are DCs,CEOs,and Secretaries responsible or not?One should introspect and try to improve the situation.

-DDPI,DC,and CEO should hold meetings,discuss,and give instructions to improve the situation.

-15-20 thousand applications are received in the Janaspandana programme.If you have worked properly at local level,why do so many people come to me?.

Are DCs and CEOs here to forward the applications to the Janaspandana programme and wash their hands off? Who will resolve the issues? .

The Chief Minister asked bitterly why they were here. People have come to me saying that you did not provide solutions.

He warned that if public grievances are not disposed of positively and qualitatively,action against you is certain.

-District and taluk-level officials,along with Tahsildar’s and Deputy Commissioners,are not meeting people directly.My instruction that the officers should stay where they are on duty is not being followed properly.

PDOs and VAs should remain at their place of work. DCs and CEOs should pay attention.

-It is mandatory to give identity cards to the nomadic shepherds,visit the tents where the sheep and goats are placed,and provide vaccinations and injections.It is mandatory to give gun licenses to the nomadic shepherds.He gave clear instructions that this was necessary to prevent sheep theft.

-Soil fertility is decreasing.Besides taking necessary measures to increase this,soil health cards should be issued compulsorily to farmers.He gave a clear instruction that the soil should be tested every two years.

-The Chief Minister instructed that all these works should be done by district and taluk-level officials in coordination with each other.

-8,234 cases are pending in Tahsildar Courts.

There are 37,587 RRT (Change of Title) cases pending with Assistant Commissioners. Out of these,7,522 cases are more than 5 years old.10,838 cases are pending with DCs.There are 4,207 cases that are more than 5 years old.What instructions will you give to the ACs and Tahsildars if the DCs keep the arrears,he asked bitterly.

-Some DCs have no pending cases.He asked why the rest of the DCs couldn’t.

-People flock to the offices of DCs,ACs,and Tahsildars and question what they should do if they are not available to the people.

-This is not a meeting called to criticize officials.

This is a meeting called to check how development has been done in the district.The role of DCs,CEOs,and SPs in the development of every district is huge.If these three people try to take other officials along with coordination, development can be done faster.

-We have implemented many popular programmes. These should reach people.

-Karnataka is a leader in the state administration system.You should know about the district in which you are working.You should be aware of the economic and social conditions there.And also know about literacy, education,per capita income,etc.

-Deputy Commissioners can understand the history and conditions of their district if they read gazetteers and economic surveys.Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar, Gaikwad, Shahu Maharaja, etc.,

Would not have been known as good kings without the advice of an officer named Fraser.An officer named Munro was the collector in Bellary.Even today,people there name their children after him.We should all work with the feeling that we are public servants.Only then will people be able to get good governance.

-There are opportunities to work qualitatively and effectively in such a way that people must name their children after you.This is possible from you,he said.

-There should be compassion for the poor.

Efforts should be made to reduce inequality. We read Basavanna, Gandhiji, Ambedkar.We say that the constitution should be understood.It’s not just about reading; realize what it takes to implement.You have selected this service.As circumstances change,so must we.

-Many deaths and injuries have occurred due to drinking contaminated water.If such cases recur,action will be taken against senior officials.

-Protect the welfare of Nomadic Shepherds:

In case of accidental death of migratory sheep, compensation should be distributed to the owners immediately.

-Caste certificates verification should be done on time. Appropriate orders should be issued without delay.He questioned whether the future of the candidates would not be ruined if the validity certificate is not issued in time.

-Energisation of the pump sets pending under the Ganga Kalyan scheme shall be taken up on priority.

– 26,126 applications for allotment of forest land to tribal people are pending.These should be disposed of promptly.There is no road connection to their habitats. The Chief Minister directed to issue appropriate circulars to provide necessary infrastructure in this regard.