Modi-Rahul Gandhi: ‘Now tell me who is the dictator’: Modi, Rahul videos shared by BJP

Modi-Rahul Gandhi: ‘Now tell me who is the dictator’: Modi, Rahul videos shared by BJP

The BJP countered the criticism of the Congress and the opposition parties in the form of videos. Share them on social media platforms.

Galla S Kiran Kumar, Bureau Chief 

Delhi: As part of the special sessions of the Parliament, a debate is going on on the motion of thanks for the speech delivered by the President. On this, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and other opposition leaders criticized the central government. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Modi continued his speech amid protests from opposition MPs. In this context, BJP posted some scenes on social media showing the behavior of Modi and Rahul in the Lok Sabha. She commented that if you see these, you will know who is behaving like a dictator.

“Two contradictory scenarios. In the first video, Rahul advises the MPs to violate the rules in the House, rush towards the well and obstruct the Prime Minister’s speech. On the other hand, in another video, PM Modi offered water to an MP who was protesting against him. Who is the dictator here? Does Rahul actually have the right to be the Leader of the Opposition (LOP) in the Lok Sabha?” criticized BJP leader Shehzad Poonawala. In a video shared by him, Rahul is seen making some suggestions to opposition MPs. In another instance, when Modi offered a glass of water to an MP, the leader politely refused. But another opposition MP next to him took the glass and drank fresh water.

Modi criticized Rahul’s speech in the Lok Sabha on Monday. Duyya said that it was a child’s trick and that even if he did not win hundred seats, he wanted to show that he had won against them. He said that he can understand the pain some people are going through because they had to face defeat despite telling so many lies. They expressed anger that they are spreading lies without self-criticism.