MP Basavaraj Bommai Resigns from Shiggaon MLA Position

Yogesh K Porwar & Sunil Lohan 

I Will Try to Find Solutions for the State’s Interstate Irrigation Projects in Parliament: MP Basavaraj Bommai.

I will try to find solutions for Karnataka’s irrigation projects, including the Krishna and Cauvery interstate water disputes, in Parliament.

I will sincerely raise my voice in favor of Kannadigas in Parliament, said former Chief Minister and MP Basavaraj Bommai.

After being elected as the MP for the Haveri Gadag Lok Sabha constituency,Bommai resigned from his position as the MLA for Shiggaon and spoke at a press conference.

He mentioned that even though he is going to Delhi as an MP, he will remain active in Karnataka’s politics, stating that certain decisions were taken by the party leadership for this reason.

Regarding obtaining central funding for the Bhadra Upper Canal project, he said the state government must submit a request according to the regulations.

Previously,we had stationed our officers in Delhi for about six months under the AIBP scheme and brought in approximately 3800 crores.

I will speak with both state and central government ministers to try to secure the 5000 crores reserved for the Bhadra Upper Canal project in the central budget.

We had prepared in every way to declare the Bhadra Upper Canal project as a national project.

So far,the central government has not declared any project as a national project,but due to our pressure, they had promised to allocate 5000 crores specifically for this project, he informed.

Gratitude to the People of Shiggaon

On this occasion, having been elected to the Haveri Lok Sabha constituency, I have resigned from the MLA position today.

I express my gratitude to the people of Shiggaon for continuously electing me four times and giving me the opportunity to develop the constituency.I thank them, he said.

I have done significant development work in the Shiggaon constituency.

I have already discussed further development with CM Siddaramaiah.

As soon as the CM returns to Bangalore,I will discuss with him to facilitate further development.

My efforts for the development of Shiggaon,which is part of Haveri district,will continue,he added.

Leader of the Opposition R. Ashoka was also present at the press conference.