20 House owners booked by CCB’s Anti-Narcotics Wing for renting out premises to drug peddlers

Pramesh S Jain & Dr.Thomas (Sub-Editor)

The Anti Narcotics Wing of CCB files a case under the Foreigners Act against 20 house owners for leasing/renting their homes to foreign nationals involved in drug trafficking, violating the provisions of the Foreigners Act. says B.Dayananda Bengaluru City Police Commissioner.

Over one year after conducting raid at a house in Parappana Agrahara

and arresting a 44-year-old Nigerian national for peddling drugs,the Central Crime Branch officials on Saturday initiated legal action against the owner of the house for renting out his premises to the accused .

Based on the complaint by Praveen C Yaligar,Economic Offenses Squad,Central Crime Branch,the parappana Agrahara police have registered an FIR against Sharavana Ramalingam, charging him under various sections of the foreigners act.

The CCB’s Anti-Narcotics Wing On March 19,2023 raided the house in the Veerabhadraswamy layout of Doddanagamangala and arrested Victor Obinna Chukwudi,from Nigeria,and recovered huge amount of Narcotics,including MDMA,worth ₹ 2 crore along with mobile phones and a weighing machine.

The accused was overstayed in city and peddling drugs after sourcing them from his contacts in Delhi.

The officials found that the owner of the house identified as Sharavana Ramalingam,did not follow any procedure nor submitted required documents with FRRO while renting out his premises to Victor .

The owner of the house tried to dodge the officials stating that he had followed all required procedure which was verified and found to be false said a senior officer.