Armed gang hacked History-Sheeter to death in broad daylight in Banaswadi

Pramesh S Jain 

Armed gang hacked a 40 year old history sheeter to death publicly in banaswadi on Tuesday.

The deceased Karthigeyan having multiple cases pending against him was externorated two years ago.

He returned to city and was running a real estate business .

He was at work when armed gang intercepted and hacked him to death.

Kartigeyan tried to escape but was chased and hacked to death by the gang before fleeing.

Passers by shocked over the incident as gang armed with lethal weapons attacked him.

The Banaswadi police rushed to the spot and conducted spot inspection before collecting the CCTV footage to identify the assailants.

WE suspect that old rivalry could be the reason behind the murder .

We have some clues on the assailants and efforts are on to track them down said a senior officer.