“Modi government at 400” and his own “Jagannath Sarkar” poised to surpass the 4 lakh

In the midst of escalating tensions and political fervor in West Bengal, Ranaghat witnessed a distressing incident as the car of BJP Member of Parliament and candidate Jagannath Sarkar was attacked by unidentified miscreants on Thursday. This incident adds another layer to the volatile atmosphere surrounding the ongoing elections in the state.

Jagannath Sarkar, who secured a resounding victory with over 3 lakh votes in the 2019 elections, expressed concerns over the rising violence and attributed the attack to the ruling Trinamool Congress. Despite the damage inflicted on his vehicle, Sarkar emerged unscathed, but the incident has reignited debates over the safety of candidates and the intensity of political rivalries in West Bengal.

In an exclusive conversation with Vipin Gaur, editor of Country and Politics, Sarkar condemned the attack and called for an end to the culture of hooliganism prevailing in the state. He emphasized that the electorate’s overwhelming support in 2019, which exceeded 3 lakh votes, reflects a strong mandate in his favor, one that he anticipates will surpass 4 lakhs in the current elections.

Asserting his confidence in the BJP’s prospects, Sarkar highlighted the Modi government’s performance, suggesting a landslide victory with “Modi government at 400” and his own “Jagannath Sarkar” poised to surpass the 4 lakh mark. This rhetoric underscores the BJP’s ambition to secure a significant foothold in West Bengal, challenging the entrenched dominance of the Trinamool Congress.

In response to the incident, BJP leaders have vowed to address the prevalent lawlessness and ensure a safer political environment in the state. With the assembly elections looming, the BJP remains steadfast in its commitment to uprooting hooliganism and fostering a climate conducive to democratic participation.

As West Bengal braces for further political showdowns, the attack on Jagannath Sarkar serves as a stark reminder of the challenges facing candidates and the imperative of maintaining peace and security during the electoral process. In the coming days, all eyes will be on the unfolding events as the state navigates through the maze of politics and power struggles.