How can Modi come to Mysore and seek vote, who rode on just lies in the 10 years of power ?:CM Siddaramaiah questions

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

*People still call Modi Modi, even if he lies, hence he has increased his lying: CM Siddaramaiah.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah lashed out at Modi saying that people call Modi Modi though he is lying and therefore he has increased his lying.

He was speaking while inaugurating the grand convention of Janadhwani-2 Yatra held at Krishnaraja of Mysore-Kodagu Lok Sabha constituency.

Modi said that he would remit Rs.15 lakhs to every Indian’s account by getting the black money from abroad,double the income of farmers,create 2 crore jobs per year, reduce the price of diesel-petrol-gas-fertilizers.

He said that the value of the rupee will increase against the dollar.Indians were constantly deceived and cheated through many lies.Would mind voting for someone who cheated you for ten years,CM asked.

Every intelligent person in Mysuru knows who built the Jayadeva Hospital,who built the women and children’s hospital,who built the schools and hostels, which government gave thousands of crores for the development of Mysuru.

BJP also had the opportunity to do as much work as we did. People had given them a chance.But BJP MPs did not work when they got this opportunity.

So give us a chance to do as we promised and advance in the direction of development.He called on to make M.Laxman,who grew from an ordinary party worker from struggles and protests,win this time.

People of Mysore-Kodagu gave an opportunity for BJP, the BJP MPs,MLAs,Chief Ministers and Prime Ministers did not work for the development of the constituency.

Now they are just changing the candidate and asking for votes.He questioned if this is not a irresponsibility.

The CM asked if anyone knows a single thing that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done in favour of the poor, working class and women, he said that it is as good as getting cheated if you vote for those who are not lied and just stirred you emotionally.

Does Modi have the face to ask for votes?.

Modi is visiting Mysuru tomorrow,with what face will Modi ask for votes? Let Modi and his MPs show what they have done for Mysuru.After riding on lies for 10 years,with what face will Modi visit the state? The CM asked.

*Indira Gandhi gave a 20-point programme.Modi did not give a single programme:

Congress laid the foundation for the development of the country after independence.Indira Gandhi formulated and implemented 20-point programmes to eradicate poverty.

The chief minister asked why Modi,who worked only for the rich, did not give even one-point programme for the poor, to eradicate poverty, and called upon the people not to give a single seat to BJP.