Anjana welfare society had organised a webinaar on new education policy Organisation invited many Eminent artists and educationist from all over country .

“Meeta Bhandula from Noida says-The AIL (Art Integrated Learning ) is a very good initiative by CBSE as it gives equal importance to affective domain along with Cognitive domain for the holistic development of school students. It will not only foster joyful and experiential learning of students but will also promote rich cultural heritage of our country in today’s generation, bridge up the gap between cultural divide among states and will develop love for country among children.Mohan Pradeep Sharma- The policy document says that it “aims at producing engaged, productive, and contributing citizens for building an equitable, inclusive, and plural society”.Amrita Vohara from Gurgram-The policy also aims to promote multilingualism and a learning of native languages. There will also be reforms to the assessment system.Asha Bhatia from Indore -NEP has come as a bliss, specially during this testing times of Covid 19.
NEP requires a serious thought to be understood in a right spirit, implimented and executed well to bring in desired outcomes.
Best part is the desire to enhance critical thinking, competency based learning, learner centric teaching methodologies, 360 degree report card and holistic approach for evaluation.”Artist says
Shrikant Saxsena a well established poet and a writer The NEP aims to reduce the curriculum content to its core essentials, focussing on key concepts and ideas in order that children are able to practice more critical thinking and among other things, more analysis-based learning.Maya kulshrestha
kathak artist – it is a beautful gifit and chance too ,here we can give a revoultanry changes. Now youth will come to know about depth our indian culture roots.
Renu Gupta Indian classical vocalist – it is a beautiful change now we can focus on our values,culture.Manish kulshreastha president of the organisation conclude the webinaar and said through this we are planing to open up new oppourtunties for the artists community .