Conman posing as doctor cheats cab drivers with fake currency arrested by Magadi Road Police and recovered 21 fake currency notes of Rs.500 and nine mobile phones

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar 

T he Magadi road police on Monday arrested a 44-year-old conman who posing as doctor cheat cab drivers with fake currency .

The accused KR Sanjay was caught based on a complaint filed by a cab driver from Kadri Chandrashekhar who lost ₹ 10,500 from the accused.

The accused posing as doctor from a reputed hospital hired a cab from Bengaluru to Kadri in AP and on the way stopped the cab for dinner break at a hotel near Magadi road housing board .

The accused later asked the driver for help to transfer Rs.10,000 to his online account and offered to pay him cash.

Unsuspecting Chandrashekhar transferred the money to the number given by the accused,which happened to the online payment number of the hotel where they were dining.

The accused went to the cashier showed the cash transactions and got the cash while handed over the fake currency to the cab driver and escaped without even paying the bill of the food he had taken.

The accused had even borrowed the phone of the driver and escaped leaving an old bag the accused was carrying .

The cheating came to light when the driver waited for the accused and realized that the accused had escaped and later filed a complaint with the police.

Based on the complaint,a team of police led by Inspector,Raju GP, track down the accused and arrested him from his house in Tambaram in Chennai .

The police recovered 21 fake currency of Rs.500 denominations and nine mobile phones worth ₹ 90,000 from him.

The accused though claimed to practicing Unani medicine,his certificates and other documents found to be a fake and under verifications.

The accused had confessed that he had cheated many people using similar modus operandi and having a cheating case pending in Siddapura police station in the city,where he was absconding said a senior officer.