Vishwaguru Basavanna-Cultural leader:Slogan in all government offices : Chief Minister Siddaramaiah

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

C hief Minister Siddaramaiah said that the slogan of Vishwa Guru Basavanna is a cultural leader will be echoed throughout the state.

He was speaking at the unveiling of the portrait of Karnataka cultural leader Sri Jagajyoti Basavanna which was organized at Vidhana Soudha Conference Hall today.

Basavanna’s portrait will be unveiled in all government offices across the state on 17th February.The district incharge ministers at the district level,MLAs at the taluk level and the respective chairpersons in all the urban and rural organizations will do the honors.

Basavanna’s portrait should be installed in all offices and his principles should be adopted at least a little in our lives, the CM said.

The CM said it will be misleading if we say , destiny and my kama even after celebrating Basava Jayanti.We should be compassionate to others.Hatred is bad. It is very apt to call Basavanna as a cultural leader.

Attempt to bring change in society

The old jail premises in Shimoga has been named Allama Prabhu.It was our government that named Bijapur Women’s University as Akka Mahahadevi University.

We are doing these things to bring change in the society.The words of Basavadi Sharanas will be relevant in the past, today and in the future.He said that there is no shortage of funds in the government for Basavanna’s programmes.

Humanitarian Social System:

Karnataka Government declared Basavanna as Karnataka Cultural Leader.Buddha, Basava,Mahatma Gandhi, Ambedkar aspired for a healthy and compassionate social system.

Casteism and superstitions are prevalent in society. Basavanna worked hard to eliminate inequality and made everyone live with self-respect.