Karnataka:After Hanuman Flag, Controversy Erupts Over ‘Green Flag’ In Bengaluru’s Shivajinagar

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)


ollowing Keragodu village controversy in Mandya district over removal of saffron flag,controversy sparked for sometime over green flag hoisted at the BBMP lamppost at Chandni Chowk.

On tuesday However The Shivajinagar police along with the local dargah committee and residents decided to replace the flag with national tri color to avoid further controversy.

The flag belonging to a dargah situated at Chandini chowk and hoisted for many years.However following the outrage on social media by some X account holders and even BJP leaders,the police convinced the dargah committee and the flag was removed and replaced with the national flag a member of the committee said .

The flag was for many years and even present at the time of BJP government, but this is part of the controversy created to disturb the peace.

The area is a classic example of harmony with people with different faith lives and work to eke out a living.

The area also have dargah temples and churches as mark of religious harmony.This should not get disturbed at any cost and it was decided to remove the flag for the good of the people,Akmal Pasha,a member of the dargah committee, said .

The police said that removal of flag was done peacefully with everyone’s consensus.