I am ready to raise my voice in favour of farmers and to ensure their rights:Basavaraj Bommai

Dr.Thomas Special Correspondent)

Govt must protect their interest of farmers who voted them to power: Bommai

Former Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said his political entity exists in protecting the interest of farmers and to ensure their rights and he firmly believed in it.He was always ready to raise voice in the support of farmers

He was reacting to Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s statement that the BJP leaders were making the charges against the state government for their political survival,Bommai tweeted in his account on Saturday.

“Rs.105 crore drought relief released by the state government was not at sufficient and now known to how many farmers it would reach.

Compared to the severity of the natural calamity the amount released by the government was like the alms given to them”.

It was common to demand the Government of India to release the relief amount as per the NDRF guidelines. But it was the basic duty of the government in power to rush to the rescue of the farming community which was in distress by releasing the full amount to farmers.”

I urge Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to immediately release the money without wasting time as already enough time has been wasted”.

“Why the government hasn’t released the money fully as claims of the good financial position of the State.

They have demanded Rs.18000 crore from the Government of India but has released just Rs 105 crore which was not even one per cent.

The government must exhibit it’s commitment through its action and not in words.The previous BJP government had released Rs.2031 crore as per the NDRF norms that too within two months.So,the BJP has every right to question the incumbent government”.