Video of animal sacrifice goes viral, Kadugodi Police booked three person for slaughtering sheep publicly

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

The Kadugodi police have booked three people for slaughtering a sheep publicly as part of animal sacrifice for a local deity on Dasara festival in front of Seegehalli gram panchayath office in Kadugodi on Wednesday.

Harish KB,Anti animal cruelty officer,noticed the incident and alerting the police on their social media account .

Based on the information,Head constable,Chikka Yallappa rushed to the spot and found blood stains around the area.But by then the accused have left the place with the sacrificed animal.

Chikka yellappa later filed a case against the trio identified as Babu,Munikrishna and Muniraju,charging them under Prevention of cruelty to animals act and also under Karnataka Prevention of Animal sacrifice act for further investigations said a senior officer.