495 Project Proposals for Construction of 2,34,879 Houses Under PMAY(U) Submitted by Uttar Pradesh approved-Total approvals more than 60 Lakh more than 50% of Sanctioned Houses are in various stages of construction Progress of Construction being Monitored by Geo-Tagging

Shri Durga Shankar Mishra, Secretary, Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs has emphasized the use of new technologies for fast tracking the construction of houses under PMAY(U).  The Ministry has approved 6,28,488 houses to be constructed under PMAY(U) on 26.9.2018 across 11 States; UP (2,34,879), AP (1,40,559), M.P. (74,631), Bihar (50,017), Chhattisgarh (30,371), Gujarat (29,185), Maharashtra (22,265), Tamil Nadu (20,794), Odisha (13,421), Tripura (9,778) and Manipur (2,588).  With this approval, total number of houses to be constructed under PMAY(U) now stands at 60.29 lakh.

Addressing the committee members after the above approval, Shri Mishra observed that states like Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat and Maharashtra are pioneer in using innovative technologies like Shear Wall, Pre-Cast, Monolithic etc.  More than 50% of the sanctioned houses have been grounded which are presently in various stages of construction.  A total of 495 project proposals for construction of 2,34,879 houses under PMAY(U) submitted by State of Uttar Pradesh have been approved by 38th CSMC on 26.9.2018 which is highest in terms of number of houses submitted by any State so far.  Increasing number of proposals submitted under PPP mode for AHP & ISSR vertical reveal that participation of private sector in affordable housing sector is on rising trend.   The increased participation of private sector is due to fruition of various initiatives taken by the Ministry to address the housing shortage in urban areas.

It is noteworthy that progress of construction of houses is being monitored by geo-tagging of different stages of construction.  Ministry has decided to release central assistance of Rs.486.87 crores for Kerala considering the extraordinary situation due to heavy floods.   Ministry has advised Government of Kerala for early submission of project proposals under PMAY(U) for flood affected households.