Israel: 1500 Hamas militants killed.. Israeli army reveals

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

Israel Hamas Conflict: The Israeli army defeated the Hamas terrorists who infiltrated into their country. It revealed that so far the bodies of 1500 Hamas terrorists have been identified in their territory.



Jerusalem: The Israeli Army resolutely resisted the Hamas militants who launched a lightning attack on their country. Terrorists who infiltrated into the country were killed everywhere. The Israeli army announced on Tuesday that it had killed around 1,500 militants. The borders have also come under their control completely. (Israel – Hamas conflict)

“We found the dead bodies of about 1500 Hamas militants in the Israeli territory around the Gaza Strip. We have retaken the areas in southern Israel that were infiltrated by Hamas terrorists. “The situation along the borders is completely under our control,” Israeli army spokesman Richard H told the media. Moreover, it is stated that not a single Hamas terrorist has crossed the border since last night. However, there is still a possibility of incursions, he sai

The death toll has reached 900 in Israel’s worst massacre by Hamas terrorists. Palestinian officials have revealed that the death toll from Israeli airstrikes in Gaza has risen to 680. On the other hand, fighting between Hamas militants and the Israeli army continues for the fourth day on the border.

American ammunition for Israel..

Meanwhile, the superpower America (USA) has announced that it will support Israel in every way to face the attack of Hamas. In the current situation, Israel has started delivery of crucial ammunition and military equipment. Already, it is known that the US has sent an aircraft carrier and warships to the shores of Israel. However, US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby made it clear that they have no intention of stepping directly into this war (in response to sending US troops).