There is no genuine concern that women should be given reservation.Why is the life of the bill fixed for 15 years with delimitation and census barrier: CM asks

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

* Modi’s reservation for women will not be implemented in 2024,2029 and even in 2034:CM Siddaramaiah

BJP has shown it’s hypocrisy by putting a barrier of delimitation and census for women’s reservation bill fixing its lifespan.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that the implementation of women’s reservation is doubtful because of this reason.

He was speaking after inaugurating the seminar on “Women’s Reservation”organised by Dr. Rama Manohar Lohia Samata Vidyalaya,Karnataka State Federation of Backward Castes and Karnataka Exploited Communities Federation held at Gandhi Bhavan,today.

If BJP had a sincere concern to give reservation to women, it would not have put up so many obstacles.

The central government has fixed the age limit of 15 years for women’s reservation implemented by Narendra Modi.

The validity of the Act is 15 years from the date of its enactment. That means now the act has been implemented.It has only 15 more years to live.

However, they have put two obstacles namely census and delimitation.It will take 15 years to overcome these obstacles.

Thus the lifetime of this bill would be expired before it’s implementation.This is the biggest fraud done to the women,he criticised.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier said in his speech that God has sent me to implement reservation for women, but this a fraud done to women .

The Chief Minister sarcastically questioned the Prime Minister saying that whether God has sent him to deceive women.

The Women’s Reservation Bill was drafted by Congress, Congress has always been in favour of women’s reservation and social justice.

I fully support that there should be reservation for backward class women in women’s reservation as well. I have full support for not only 33 per cent but 50 per cent reservation, he said.

This reservation for women,which is said to have been implemented by Modi,will not be implemented even in 2024. It will not be implemented in 2029 either.

It will not come into effect even in 2034.By then,the purpose of the Act will be over,the CM explained BJP’s strategy in detail.

Women too were completely deprived of education like Shudras.As the result of their struggle and the constitution,opportunity for education was created.When given a chance,he appreciated that women were ahead of men in education.

‘Don’t falsely believe that women’s reservation has been implemented and give false applause.The CM called upon to continue to fight for women’s reservation and social justice.

Education expert and political analyst Prof.Muzaffar Asadi presided over the program and Senior Advocate Prof.Ravi Varma Kumar gave a presentation on the subject.

MLA Nayana Motamma,Advocate Ashwini Obalesh, Leaders of Backward Classes Federation,
K M Ramachandrappa,Dalit activist,Mavalli Shankar, lawyer N.Anantha Naik,BT Lalitha Naik and Chukki Nanjundaswamy were present.