KS layout traffic gud Samaritan cops uses Bare Hands to Unclog Drain, Clears Waterlogging at Sarakki Junction

Pramesh S Jain


wo traffic policemen attached to KS Layout police literally cleared the clogged drain to clear the waterlog which resulted in the traffic jam on the busy Sarakki junction on Wednesday night.

On Wednesday while it was raining heavily the junction was inundated as the drain was clogged.Due to this the vehicle movement slow down and traffic piled up.

Head constables Sunil and Basavaraj,who were managing the traffic noticed the motorists struggling to pass through,called civic agency for help and alerted the Inspector Manjunath RV.

Since there was no immediate response from the civic agencies for immediate help,the duo took up the work and started clearning the clogged gutter water with a lathi and sticks to remove the filth to allow water to flow.

Few minutes later,the water started to clear and the people who are watching the police on duty appreciated and recorded videos .

One of the passers-by put out the video appreciating the police work,which went viral .

“Its considered part of the job,the policemen on duty have been told to take care of their area to ensure free flow of traffic come what may”.

They have been told take up immediate relief work without waiting for the others to come for their help”, Mr. Manjunath,said.

It may be recalled that the traffic police have been provided with some equipment like sickles, wood-cutting machines,hammers,ropes and buckets in their vehicles to provide aid to residents during emergencies during rainy season.