Bengaluru police meets gig workers to address their problems,and issue advisory to ensure safety

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

Additional Commissioner of Police (East Division) Raman Gupta,DCP CK Baba along with other police officials of the Southeast and Whitefield Division held a meeting with the gig workers and their companies to discuss with law and order and their safety issues .

In the last three months over 50 incidents on the attack of gig workers reported in and around the city,making the food delivery executives and bike taxi drivers life at risk.

There are other issues where delivery executives are being used for peddling drugs and other illegal items, which has been discussed to tackle the problems effectively,Mr.Gupta who chaired the meeting,told media persons.

Also safety of women passengers commute on the bike taxi especially during night time is also area of concern and also the safety of gig workers working in night time is being discussed .

CK Baba,DCP, Southeast who proposed the measures like training of safety measures and SOS protocols for the gig workers while also proposed whatsapp group and command center similar to control room to monitor the staff who are on duty .

The first and foremost thing for the gig workers to report the incident.Many of the gig workers do not report the incident making the police difficult to take immediate measures,Mr.Baba,said .

“IT technology and E-commerce industry linked gig industry is making the lives of the people in the city easy and comfortable.

Along with this it poses a certain challenges for the ground level staff and their eco system.There is a need of collaboration and some measures to ensure the safety of the ground level workers,which has been discussed“,Mr.Baba,said.

Representatives of over 20 companies linked to gig work and service industry participated in the meeting and agreed to implement the measures discussed.