Most Wanted Dreaded Inter-State Monstrous Rapist arrested by Halasuru Police

Premesh Jain 

 The East Division police of Halasuru police have arrested a MBA graduate. Who posed as rich businessman and cheated and raped several women.

The accused has been identified as 31-year old pervert named Jahangir Alias Karthik Reddy a resident of Trichy in Tamilnadu.

The accused used to lure lonely women near malls and parties with job offers and raped them.

He used to take them in Hi-end cars and make them book expensive hotel rooms with their credit cards.He would then rape them there.He even made the women buy him expensive gifts and then flee.

DCP East,Dr.Sharanappa SD,told media persons that,The East Division cops have managed to nab a 31 year old pervert named Jahangir Alias Karthik Alias Karthik Reddy Alias Kiran Alias Kiran Alias Kiran Reddy.

He used to target single women.He used to use his communication skills to con women and then rape them.

He is from Trichy in Tamilnadu.He is an MBA graduate.He worked for a private hotel as a manager.After that he did many con jobs and assaulted women in Tamilnadu in 2017 and 2018.

He was a wanted criminal in Tamilnadu.He had two cases against him and was roaming free.

At first we did not know how many cases he was involved in but after we brought him in for questioning,we have confirmation that he is involved in at least 6 cases,four of these cases were registered in Bengaluru while two others were registered in Chennai.

In one of the cases that was registered in Halasuru police station,He had met a single woman at a party.He lied to her and convinced her that he could get her a job.He used the victim’s credit cards and ID cards to book rooms.He even used their cards to fuel his vehicle.

In another case,He approached a woman on the pretext that he knew many modeling agents and that he could get them a chance.

He took advantage of this victim by taking her to a room and raping her.He had even threatened to kill her if she went to the cops.