BJP is against women and working class: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

H ighlights:

BJP-JDS thought that the guarantees are not possible to implement.But I and D.K.Sivakumar together made it possible and proved it.

Inequality and discrimination will be eliminated if those who have no economic power are given financial power through special guarantees.

For hundreds of years women were deprived of education like Shudras.When women become economically empowered,a movement begins in society.

If women are economically strong, it means that the country is developed.

Political reservation for women was implemented by Congress.BJP has never raised its voice in favor of political reservation for women.

Why has BJP not passed the Women’s Reservation Bill that we presented even after ten years of coming to power?.

BJP, which did not give rice to the poor, encourages them to use free electricity. Aren’t they anti people?.

Prime Minister Modi had said that if the guarantee schemes are implemented, the state will become financially bankrupt.But the state is prosperous now.

BJP is ideologically anti-women and anti-working class. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that the BJP is against the economic empowerment of this class.


He was speaking at the launch of the Government’s flagship programme”Griha Lakshmi Guarantee Schemes registration programme held at the Banquet Hall,today.

Karnataka is the only state in the entire country that has implemented the Grihalakshmi scheme.BJP is misleading people by telling lies,he said.

35 thousand crore rupees is allotted for Griha Lakshmi scheme.Karnataka is the only state to have provided Rs 30 thousand crore for a single scheme.

BJP claims that Annabhagya is Modi’s scheme.But, why has it not been implemented in states like Uttar Pradesh,Gujarat where BJP is in power? He questioned why there are no free rice programs everywhere.

Grihalakshmi Yojana is reaching 1.28 crore families. Unable to bear this, BJP is making a fuss saying that we have caused a fight between daughter -in-law and mother-in-law.He asked the women in the meeting whether they had humanity.The women shouted no.

Raise your hand

Mentioning the Shakti scheme the Chief Minister asked women who have used the scheme to raise their hands. All the women in the meeting raised their hands. Responding to this,the Chief Minister asked,Tell me whether the Shakti scheme is good or not.”

The women shouted “good scheme. BJP is jealous”.

MLA,Rizwan Harshad presided over the program Deputy Chief Minister,D.K.Shivakumar,Women and Child Welfare Minister,Lakshmi Hebbalkar and Ministers Ramalingareddy,KH Muniappa,Dr.H.C.Mahadevappa, legislators including Mahadevappa,Rahim Khan,Bairati Suresh,Chief Minister’s Political Secretary Naseer Ahmed were present.