CM Bommai announces the release of Rs.5 crore towards the development of Allamaprabhu’s birthplace

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

C hief Minister Basavaraj Bommai announced the release of Rs.5 crore for the development of Allamaprabhu’s birthplace.

Speaking after unveiling the 51-foot-tall statue of Shivasharane Akkamahadevi at Udutadi,the inauguration of Yatra place on the lines of Akshara Dham and various development works in Shikaripura Assembly constituency on Friday,he promised to release the grant of Rs.10 crore towards the PG building of the Women’s University and development of Shivanapaada for Rs.10 crore.

Model taluk

The CM said a lot of work for the people is done. Shikaripura is a god’s land and there is a plan to develop this in the fields of agriculture,education,and spirituality,thereby making it a model taluk.

Yediyurappa gave strength to face the challenges and his relationship with him is of a father and a son,and it is above politics.The former CM has developed this constituency fully.

Special powers of Sharanas

Bommai said this soil has the great strength of giving life to the Sharana kula who started from here and toured across the State taking the Sharana culture and preachings.

The Anubhava Mantap in Basava Kalyana is the seat of power where the people were awakened regarding the Kayaka communities.

This is the route on which they walked from Shikaripura to Basava Kalyana.In the 12th century,they showed what life is and in the 21 century,after 900 years,again there is an effort by Yediyurappa to link Shikaripura with Basava Kalyana.

“Yediyurappa always fought against injustice and never dreamt of becoming the CM.He won the love and confidence of the people by serving them continuously.

His mantra is self-confidence and strength and ready to take on even the whole world.He is spreading the messages of Akkamahadevi while moving from Uduthadi up to Sri Shaila Mallkirjuna.

Yediyurappa has provided Rs.600 crore for the Basava Kalyana and the next ten generations will remember him.He has continued the revolution started by the Shivasharanas way back in 12th-century”.

The CM said Yediyurappa has given Rs.45 crore for Kanakadasa’s Kaginele,and Rs.14 crore for the development of Baada including the fort and the palace. The decision to celebrate the Valmiki Jayanti goes to him and by doing this he has worked for the welfare of every community.

“Yediyurappa fought for 35 years without power.Only two leaders,Ramakrishna Hegde,and Yediyurappa created mass leadership in Karnataka politics.

There is no question of his retirement as the people will not allow them to retire.He has a permanent place in the hearts of people.

His services will be available to the State in different forms.The need of the hour is the nation-building leaders”.

Sri Murugharajendra Swamiji of Anandapura, Yediyurappa,Ministers Govind Karjol,B.A.Basavaraj, MLC Kumar Bangarappa,MP B.Y.Raghavendra, and others were present.