New tech transfer arrangement for scaling up indigenous knowledge system can help integrate sustainable practices in livestock production system

A technology transfer arrangement can help to scale two environment-friendly technologies—an indigenous herbal formulation with the potential to control Mastitis, an ailment common among dairy animals, and an indigenous herbal supplement with positive influence on growth performance of broiler chicks, for end users.

The National Innovation Foundation (NIF) – India, an autonomous body of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India has recently entered into a Technology Transfer arrangement for these indigenous technologies with Indian Genomix, a Hyderabad-based company which has W.H.O.G.M.P. certification ensuring quality assurance for medicinal products. This initiative is a step towards scaling up of outstanding traditional knowledge which has been sustained by society over generations. These technologies were scientifically studied and found effective in control of mastitis in dairy animals and as poultry feed supplements.

NIF had embarked on integrating outstanding indigenous knowledge systems with farmers with the support of regular service providers or formal systems. Farmers rely on these knowledge systems for cost-effective, sustainable practices in livestock production systems.

Mastitis is an ailment causing huge losses to dairy farmers. The ailment is primarily caused by bacteria which need to be diagnosed and treated at the earliest. Indian farming system faces challenges in early diagnosis, availability of onsite treatment, and drug resistance. Further, lack of effective technology in field situation calls for alternative technologies. This indigenous herbal formulation was found to control major causative bacterial organisms like Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa. This herbal formulation has multiple phyto-constituents which produce effective results against field bacterial strains. The unique formulation of the Knowledge holders was evaluated for its efficacy in clinical bacterial mastitis among dairy animals.

Similarly, in Broiler industry, birds are fed with nutrients for meeting enhanced metabolic rates thereby optimum growth performance in less period of time. This causes huge stress on metabolism of broilers and they need supplements to minimize health risks and enhance feed conversion ratio. A study conducted by NIF found that an outstanding indigenous herbal supplement had a positive influence on growth performance of broiler chicks. The supplementation indicated better nutrient absorption properties (had resulted in higher villi: crypt ratio). This had enabled broiler with improved feed efficiency and resulted in higher body weight gain.

NIF had value added to these herbal knowledge practices with scientific evidence and helped them to be patent protected. Indian Genomix, a leading industry player in the field of manufacturing products for animal healthcare and veterinary diseases will assist in realization of market potential of these knowledge systems. This NIF-Indian Genomix, engagement can integrate such technologies with regular livestock service providers thereby scaling environment-friendly technologies for end users.

NIF and Indian Genomix Pvt Ltd. has entered into a Technology Transfer arrangement for commercialization of indigenous technologies