KSRTC Distributes Rs.1 Crore Accident Relief Cheques to Dependents of Deceased Employees.

Pramesh S Jain & Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent

Today,the Transport and Muzrai Minister and the Chairman of KSRTC participated in a ceremony held at the KSRTC Central Office,where Rs.1 Crore Accident Relief Insurance cheques were handed over to the dependents of the deceased employees.

KSRTC has taken a pioneering step by implementing a unique accident insurance scheme,offering a coverage of Rs.1 crore for its employees in the event of on-duty and off-duty accidental death,a significant initiative in its labor welfare.

The scheme comprises a premium-free insurance of Rs.50 lakhs from the State Bank of India and an additional insurance coverage of Rs.50 lakhs from United India Insurance,with employees paying an annual premium of Rs.885 per month.

This insurance scheme applies to accidents occurring while employees are on duty as well as during off-duty hours.

1.Mr.GV.Chalapathy,aged 41,a Driver-Cum-Conductor, T.No.7275 of KSRTC,Bangalore Central Division, tragically lost his life on 29/01/2023 in an accident involving a lorry and a two-wheeler.

Mr.Chalapathy,who had served the corporation for 11 years,is survived by his wife and two children.Apart from the accident insurance relief of Rs.1 crore,Mr. Chalapathy’s dependents are eligible for Rs.17.21 lakhs in relief from the corporation.

An amount of Rs.12.71 lakhs has already been released,and the remaining balance of Rs.4.50 lakhs will be disbursed through the KSRTC Provident Fund upon submission of appropriate documents by the dependents.

2. Mr.P.N.Nagaraju,a Driver-Cum-Conductor,Badge No 1173,of Hassan Division with 17 years of service,lost his life on 01/02/2023 when his two-wheeler was hit by a car.

He is survived by his wife and two children.Mr. Nagaraju’s dependents apart from receiving the accident insurance relief of Rs.1 crore is also eligible for relief from KSRTC of Rs.21.94 lakhs.

An amount of Rs.16.19 lakhs is already been released, and the remaining balance of Rs. 5.75 lakhs will be released by the KSRTC through it Provident Fund upon submission of suitable documents.

The Minister of Transport and Muzrai and the Chairman of KSRTC,personally handed over the accident compensation cheques of Rs.1 crore each to the families of the above two deceased drivers,offering condolences and his support.

Addressing the gathering, the Minister expressed his deep sympathy for the loss of the employees and acknowledged that while nothing can bring them back, the Accident Relief Scheme introduced by KSRTC demonstrates the corporation’s commitment to the safety and security of its employees’ families.

The Minister further announced his intention to issue instructions for the implementation of a similar scheme in other Road Transport Corporations.

He advised the families to deposit the compensation amount in Fixed Deposits and utilize it for the education and future needs of their children.

He asked them to apply for compassionate appointments,assuring them of the corporation’s support in safeguarding their interests.

V.Anbukkumar IAS,the Managing Director of KSRTC, also spoke on the occasion,affirming that the corporation would take prompt action to provide compassionate appointments,as assured by the Honorable Minister.

The ceremony was attended by the Manager of SBI Bank,H.V. Ananth Subbarao,B.Jaydevaraje Urs,G.S.

Mahadevaiah,H.D.Revappa,S.Nagaraj,Venkata Ram and leaders of various trade unions.Officers and staff members of KSRTC.