Chinese man convicted of kicking Indian woman in Singapore

Abhijit Ray, Kolkata:-A Chinese-origin man has been found guilty of kicking an Indian woman in Singapore. The incident took place in May 2021. Wearing a mask was mandatory at that time due to corona infection. However, Chinese-origin Wang Jing Fong was accused of abusing an Indian woman named Nita Vishnubhai for not complying with the order. Not only that, the 32-year-old man also allegedly kicked her in the chest.। Wang was eventually found guilty of the incident near Choa Chu Kang’s Northwell condominium. His sentencing is expected to be pronounced on July 31, local media reported.Vishnubhai said that she was walking briskly towards the Choa Chu Kang Stadium that day. Near that place, she  worked at a first food centre. As she was in rush and walking first, her mask got fall from her face.  Suddenly, she heard someone shouting and telling something. She turned around and saw Wang and his girlfriend Chua Yun Han and they both were shouting on her. Nita Vishnubhai told the court that there was an exemption in the rule  for not wearing a mask if a p[person walks first and at the time of the incident, she had told the couple that she wasb walking first  and also  sweating. But Wang didn’t listen. He then abused and kicked her. Eyewitnesses  then  came to help  her. Today, after a long legal fight, she has  won the legal battle.