Bengaluru City Police Commissioner,B Dayananda patrolled the city in Hoysala during peak hour in East Division

Pramesh S Jain & Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

T he city police were on high alert on Saturday as their top brass patrolled the city for few hours in a Hoysala vehicle in and around Halasuru area for few hours .

While City Police Chief,B.Dayananda,took up patrolling duty during peak hour to have first hand knowledge of the functioning of Namma 112 Emergency Response System.

Soon all the Senior Police Officers have followed him and patrolled in their area and attended few calls during the working hour.

Mr.Dayananda after finishing his city rounds said that during his four hours of work received only two calls which related to the adjacent area which have been diverted accordingly.

Apart from understanding how the emergency response system worked in ground level,i have also come across problems faced by the staff”,Mr. Dayananda, told Media Persons,the city has around 239 vehicles patrolling in and around the city round the clock with an officer and driver in two shifts.

Each Hoysala team have to work for 12 hours shift and this is taking a toll on the staff.Apart from this point noted by Dayanand is need of basic equipment for Hoysala vehicles which includes fire extinguisher,ropes and torch lights which can be handy for the staff in case of any eventuality.

Apart from this the vehicle needed first aid kits.Even though some vehicles have had medical kits,many of them have expired,he said .

Apart from Technical upgrade,the 112 primary response system should be taken to next level from the existing police centric system to people centric system,Mr. Dayanand,said adding that he wanted people to use 112 system more and more and avail the service to get their grievances redressed on the spot by Hoysala staff.