BJP encouraging people to waste and misuse electricity;Water,air,electricity should not be wasted : CM Siddaramaiah

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

M an is an integral part of nature.Nature’s destruction is our destruction.Therefore,we should grow and live with nature’said Chief Minister Siddaramaiah

He was speaking after inaugurating the World Environment Day-2023 and presenting the Karnataka State Environment Award here today.

We are offering free electricity to help the poor and middle class people of the State who are in distress.

We have allowed 10% more free electricity consumption than the average consumption in a year. This has been accepted and welcomed by the people of the State,he said.

But the BJP, which has been rejected by the people,is instigating misuse and extravagant use of electricity. The CM said that it is an anti-people move.We are hopeful that the sensible people of the State will not yield to this,he said.

Conservation of environment,cultivation and afforestation is not only the duty of forest department, but everyone’s responsibility.He said that everyone who is benefiting from nature has a responsibility to save nature.