Bommanahalli police in dock,after man accused of an assault fell from building in bid to escape from police,Case transferred to CID

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

T he Bommanahalli police in the dock after a 28 year old man accused of an assault reportedly fell from the third floor of the building to escape from police.

However family of the deceased Mohammad Hussain alleged that police pushed him from the building while being taking him into custody and demanded a case of murder should be registered against the official concerned.

The incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon,when the police based on a complaint of assault went to the Hussain house to detain him for questioning.

Hussain had allegedly assaulted a girl in the neighborhood and even created nuisance in the area.

While the police went to take him into Custody Hussain tried to escape and in the melee jumped from the building and sustained severe Injuries.He was rushed to hospital where the doctors declared him dead.

The Bommanahalli police have registered a case of suspicious death while family of the deceased accused the police murdering their son.A case has been transferred to CID for further investigations he added.