Bengal chief minister declares Holiday for Educational Institutions for massive heat

Abhijit Ray:All government schools, colleges, and universities in the state will remain closed since Monday due to the scorching heat. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee made a big announcement on Sunday. All government educational institutions will remain closed for Eid on Saturday. As a result, all educational institutions will be closed throughout the week. The chief minister also urged private educational institutions to extend the holiday.According to the Meteorological Department, heat wave conditions will continue across the state for a few more days from Monday. The heat will also increase. This can lead to the possibility of heat stroke. The chief minister took a humanitarian decision in the interest of the students to avoid the danger. It may be recalled that the state government had earlier extended the summer vacation for the summer. Keeping in mind the heat, the Chief Minister said that next week will also be closed.According to the Meteorological Department, the temperature will increase by at least two degrees in the next two days. The same situation will continue for two to three more days. The heat wave will continue in South Bengal till Thursday. Heatwave conditions or uncomfortable weather could continue through Friday. There is no possibility of rain in the districts of South Bengal for four to five days.In such a situation, the Chief Minister has advised not to go out of the house from 11 am to 4 pm and drink plenty of water. A section of teachers says that if there is so much leave, it will be difficult for the students to complete the syllabus. In this regard, the Chief Minister says. “If necessary, additional classes will be held later and the syllabus will be completed later. ”