Woman cheated by cyber fraudster and made away with Rs.7.10 lakhs promising jobs

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

The Northeast division cyber crime police are on the lookout for a cyber fraudster who cheated a 33-year-old woman promising jobs and made away with Rs.7.10 lakh .

Based on the complaint from the victim,Rajani,the police are trying track down the accused,who according to the police suspected to have cheated many people using similar Modus Operandi .

The victim,Rajni,in her complaint said that she had received a message on her whatsapp offering part time job and also huge returns for the investment.

Curious about part time job offers, she contacted the accused who asked her to join telegram group.

Soon the accused started giving her tasks to complete and lured her to invest money offering huge returns.As soon as the victim transferred the money,the accused escaped .

The police are no trying to track down through the mobile and the bank account details.Many a times the accused use the SIM card using fake credentials and even borrow the bank accounts from gullible people on rent.