Donald Trump: Nuclear war may come

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

Former US President Donald Trump has flagged that some of the stupid countries of the world are teaming up against America, everyone is warning of nuclear attacks, and all this is happening because of Biden’s incompetence.

Everyone is threatening nuclear attack.
I mean not attacking Ukraine
. It’s all because of Biden’s incompetence..
America’s economy is collapsing . Trump’s comments
after being arrested and released.



Washington: Former US President Donald Trump has flagged that some of the world’s stupid countries are teaming up against the US, everyone is warning of nuclear attacks, and all this is happening because of Biden’s incompetence. He warned that if the situation continues like this, a third world nuclear war is inevitable. He said that many countries were not afraid to talk about nuclear weapons during his tenure, but now everyone is warning them. “Our economy is collapsing. Inflation is out of control. The currency is depreciating. China is allied with Russia and Iran with Saudi Arabia. China, Russia, Iran and North Korea are teaming up and making destructive efforts. All this would not have happened if I had been president. The war between Russia and Ukraine would not have come.’ He criticized that the Democrats in power are degrading America and turning it into a failed country. It is alleged that these leftist ideological fanatics are trying to interfere in the elections by using the judicial system. Trump was arrested by the police on Tuesday and appeared in court in New York in the case of making a secret financial agreement to avoid the revelation of an illicit affair with a sex star. The judge read out the 34 criminal charges against him. Trump rejected them. After that he reached Florida from New York. He addressed his supporters at Marelago Resort there. ‘My mistake was to bravely stop those who want to destroy the country. Our country is going to hell. My exit from the White House was the most embarrassing event in the history of the country. Let’s make America great again. A Manhattan attorney influenced the court even though I had no case against me. Wanted attorney leaked grand jury documents. Fake investigation is going on in my case. But I assure you all. They cannot harm me in protecting the country. Can’t stop. Judge Juan Merchan is against me. His daughter is working for Vice President Kamala Harris. “Judge charged me for taking money from Biden-Harris,” Trump said.

Next attendance in December..

Trump is scheduled to appear in court again on Dec. 4 to face criminal charges. Prosecutors will submit the findings of the investigation to the court within 65 days. Trump’s lawyers have until August 8 to submit their motions to dismiss. Prosecutors have until September 19 to answer them. Judge Merchan will rule on them on December 4, when Trump next appears in court.

‘Amnesty does not apply’

Ravi Batra, a prominent Indian-American lawyer, believes that the Trump case is not likely to be resolved until the 2024 election. It was clarified that the ‘amnesty available to a person who has worked as a president’ is not applicable in this case. Batra’s comments gained importance in the context of his lawyers stating that they will try to finish the case quickly so that Trump can participate in the Republican primaries and will take steps to complete it before December. It is known that the 76-year-old Trump is once again preparing to contest the presidential election. Republican primaries will start from February next year. “It is not unusual for a trial to take two years or more in this case. It is unlikely to come to trial by the summer of 2024. Batra explained that it may not even come in November when the presidential elections will be held.

Trump spoke six times

New York: Trump spoke only six times in the courtroom. He responded five more times by saying that he was not guilty. The court hearing went on for about an hour. He only answered yes.. no to what the judge asked.