Woman drug peddler arrested by Kalasipalya police seized 26 kgs of Marijuana worth Rs.13 lakhs

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

T he Kalasipalya police on Monday arrested a 29-year-old woman red handed while she was carrying 26 kilograms of marijuana packed in three travel bags .

The accused Nagma,resident of JJ Nagar was arrested while she was waiting at the corporation circle bus stop for his contacts to deliver the consignment.

The police who were on rounds found Nagma become nervous following which the police checked her bags to find the drugs worth Rs.13 lakh.

Inquiries revealed that Nagma’s husband Syed Asghar was arrested by JJ Nagar police a month ago on similar charges.

However Nagma took the instructions from Asghar when she went to meet him in prison and continue to peddle drugs.

As per the instructions she contacted the source from Visakhapatnam in AP and went along with her three minor children to meet and get the consignment.

She stayed in a lodge for a day until the consignment is ready and packed the same in three travel bags and loaded in a bus and reached city.

The accused used her children to avoid undue attention and get a safe route,the police,said .

The accused has been booked under NDPS act and remanded to judicial custody while efforts are on to track down her source in Visakhapatnam .