Narcotics conference of South India;Strict measures are taken to check narcotics in the State: CM Bommai

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

Strict action has been taken to check the menace of narcotics,said Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.

Speaking at a regional conference of South Indian states on narcotics trafficking and national security which was presided over by Union Home Minister Amit Shah here on Friday,he said the government is zero tolerance to check the drug menace.

The cooperation of society is also required to check narcotics.Under the guidance of Amit Shah,the prevention of legal offenses is happening.

Earlier,around one thousand cases would be registered and now around 5,000 cases are booked.

The interrogation of more people is taking place as well as punishing them in several cases.


He said Bengaluru is an international city and the Tamil Nadu border is just 60 km away.Hence,there must be good coordination between these two states regarding narcotics.

The NDPS law has been simplified to file more cases and this has helped to check the drug menace.The cooperation of the union government is required while dealing with the foreign citizens involved in this illegal trade.And Amit Shah has been extending full cooperation in this regard.It is happy that South India is hosting this regional conference.