Inter-state timber smuggling racket busted by Forest Mobile Squad of Bengaluru unit seized 164 teak wood logs

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

The Forest Mobile Squad of Bengaluru unit,busted an inter state timber smuggling racket and seized 164 teak wood logs being transported from Tumakuru to Tamilnadu.

Based on a tip off,a team led by Latha N,PSI, intercepted the truck carrying the log on NICE road after a hot chase.

The officials arrested Hidayathulla Baig,truck owner, Sheikh Irfan,truck driver and his assistant as Sadiq Pasha.

Initial probe revealed that the accused are transporting the logs illegally without any permit.The logs are being cut from farm land in Tavarekere in Tumakuru and taking the consignment to deliver in Tamilnadu.

The accused arrested are said to be carriers while the kingpin of this racket are still at large,efforts are on to track them down, a police officer,said .

The total value of the seized items estimated to be 15 lakh which has been seized and taken into custody along with the truck and the accused for further investigations.