NDA will loss in many number of seats if lok-sabha polls held today as per the survey

Abhijit Ray fromKolkata:If parliamentary polls are held now, NDA is going to lose many seats and regional parties’roles could be important, says one survey. Parliament election (Lok Sabha 2024) are just 15 months away. Gradually, both the anti-ruler camps have started. BJP hasalready announced that Narendra Modi is going to be the prime ministerial face of NDA camp in 2024 Lok Sabha as well. JP Nadda’s tenure as party president has also been extended. BJP hasalso  undertaken several public relations programs. But amid these preparations, the data of a survey may become a bit of a shock for the BJP.According to an all-India media survey, the number of seats of the BJP and NDA alliance will decrease a lot if the elections are held in the country at this moment. In the 2019 Lok Sabha where the NDA alliance won more than 340 seats. If there is a vote at this moment, the number of seats of the NDA alliance may fall much below 300 numbers. BJP’s number of seats as a party may also decrease a lot.On the other hand, the number of seats of the Congress-led UPA alliance may increase a lot. In the 2019 Lok Sabha, where the UPA got a little over 90 seats, they could get 153 seats if the polls are held now. Only Congress can capture 91 seats. Others are likely to win 92 seats.After a remarkable 9 years in power, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity is unwavering. Still 67 percent people of the country want Modi to become the prime minister again. But all in all, BJP’s votes are decreasing compared to 2019. If the polls are held now, the NDA can get 43 percent of the votes. Which is 2 percent less than 2019 Lok Sabha. On the other hand, the vote share of the Congress-led UPA may increase if the polls are held now. UPA can get 30 percent votes. Others could get 27 percent of the vote.Significantly, the Lok Sabha polls are still 15 months away. Opponents say that as the vote approaches, the anger against the government will increase. And that can be used against BJP. That’s where the other teams will be important. If all the anti-BJP parties can be united and a suitable person can be placed in front of Modi as the leader, then the BJP may come under pressure.At the moment, Mamata Banerjee, Arvind Kejriwal is ahead of Rahul Gandhi as the leader of the anti-Modi coalition. 28 percent people think that Kejriwal can be a challenger to Modi as the leader of the opposition alliance. 20 percent people think Mamata Banerjee can do the job.