Cheap level criticism won’t not good-CM Bommai

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

Strongly reacting to Leader of the Opposition in the State Legislative Assembly Siddaramaiah’s statement, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said it will not augur well for the Congress leader to make such cheap comments.

He told reporters here on Sunday that such a comment was not of the political culture of Karnataka and it must be understood by him.

Let there be criticism as they will also comment on the ‘flop bhagyas’ of the Congress government,corruption and omissions and commissions of the Siddaramaiah government.But personal comments will not suit the stature of the former CM.

Commenting on Siddaramaiah’s claims of taking political sanyas if his government fails to fulfill its promises such as free 200 units of power for every family and Rs.2000 per woman per month,Bommai said such a situation is bound to come.

Siddaramaiah had worked as the CM and he knew about the condition of the ESCOMS.After the BJP government came to power, they had given Rs.8000 crore directly and stood as guarantor to borrow Rs. 13,000 crore from banks.By doing this they have saved the ESCOMS.

This did not affect power supply.In the current situation it cannot be implemented but the Congress Party is making such a promise because of frustration of losing the election.The Congress Party is known for promising something but doing other things.

130 crore people know Modi’s personality

Reacting to statement of comparing Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Hitler,Bommai said the 130 crore population of the country are aware of Modi’s personality.

Nothing will happen with such statements. Similar bad words were used during the Gujarat polls but how much more talk they will win with a big majority.