Niagara Falls: Unrelenting snow storm.. Frozen Niagara Falls

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

Snowfall in America is not decreasing at all. The Buffalo area is still under a blanket of snow.


Internet Desk: The severity of snow storms in America has not decreased at all. The Buffalo area was snowed in. As a result, the death toll is expected to increase. The military police imposed a driving ban in many places. Another inch of snow fell in western New York, the National Weather Service said. The snowfall in the Buffalo area that started before Christmas.. then became severe. As a result, more than 50 inches of snow fell here. People are dying in cars, houses and snowdrifts in many places. Andelle Taylor, a 22-year-old woman, was trapped in a car in Buffalo. She was left in the cold for about 18 hours and died. She posted a video on Facebook before she died. In which her car is seen completely stuck in snow. It is believed to be worse than the blizzard of 1977 in the Buffalo area. 

Niagara Falls has frozen as temperatures have recently dropped below 0 degrees in America. Tourists were impressed by this wonderful sight. Buffalo is 25 miles from Niagara. Although the water is frozen in some places in Niagara, due to the current, the waterfall continues to tumble in other places. 3,160 tons of water falls every second from this waterfall. This water travels at a speed of 32 feet per second.