The government turned a blind eye

The ministers said that the union leaders

Amaravati: As various trade unions made it clear that they will not participate in discussions with the government without a clear guarantee on OPS, the government turned a blind eye. The meeting organized on CPS has been changed to discuss the problems of the employees. The government, which initially sent information to the leaders of 21 trade unions that the meeting was to discuss CPS, later tried to cover up that it was due to a lack of information. She called the leaders of the trade unions and asked them to discuss the problems of the employees. The venue of the meeting was also changed from the Finance Department office to the Secretariat. 

With this, except CPS Employees’ Union (CPSUS), CPS Employees’ Association (CPSEA) and AP Upadhyaya Samakhya (APTF), the rest of the unions attended. In the meeting held at the Secretariat on Tuesday, members of the Cabinet Subcommittee, Ministers Botsa Satyanarayana, Adimulapu Suresh, Government Advisors Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy, Chandrasekhara Reddy participated and discussed the problems of employees. A special meeting will be held on CPS after talking to the CM. The ministers did not give any clarification on the problems of the employees. Some leaders stated that the attitude of let’s see, let’s do, we will discuss with the CM and tell. He said that there is no clarity on whether the bills will be paid within a month.

Some of the dues will be paid within Sankranti

Union leaders told reporters that the ministerial sub-committee has assured that part of the dues due to the employees from 2018 will be paid before Sankranthi and the rest before March. It was explained that the transfer of teachers will be discussed with the authorities on Thursday and a decision will be taken, and they have agreed to the transfers of village and ward secretariat employees.

Some have legal disputes: Minister Botsa

‘It is a lack of information to say that there will be a meeting on the CPS issue. We organized this meeting because the leaders asked us to discuss some issues from four days. We will hold another meeting on CPS. We think the employees are satisfied with the discussions. Earlier, the CM had promised to increase the retirement age of teaching staff to 62 years. This will be implemented. Others have legal disputes. We will take a decision after solving it.’

We attended saying that it was about the problems of the employees

The union leaders said that it is sad that salaries and pensions have not been received on the 1st of every month for some time now. ‘We attended only after the authorities called and said that there would be a discussion on the problems of the employees. We have asked to regularize the contractual employees. We have asked to send the PRC payscales of the employees to the offices of the heads of departments. AP ICASA Amaravati Chairman Bopparaju Venkateshwarlu, AP ICASA Chairman Bandi Srinivasa Rao, AP Government Employees Association General Secretary Oscar Rao and others said that a joint meeting will be held with the hospital owners and employees to further strengthen the employee health scheme. ‘We discussed the regularization of contract employees. Neighboring services employees said that the 17 eviction officers made an inadvertent mistake.. No one will be evicted. 

Officials say one thing about face-to-face attendance, ministers say another. If the attendance is not registered, the salary will be cut. While the officials of the health department say, the ministerial sub-committee says that there is no cut, it is only for attendance. We have demanded to take steps to implement OPS. We have requested to implement the old pension for those selected for DSC-2003,’ said UTF President N. Venkateshwarlu, APTF President General Secretaries Hrudayaraju, Chiranjeevi, AP Rashtrapadhyaya Sangam President General Secretaries Sai Srinivas, Thimmanna and others.