Warangal Declaration: Rahul assures farmer

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana( Andhra Pradesh)
Hyderabad :Eight years after the realization of Telangana, the same suffering in the lives of food donors. The same gossip. Same suicides. Crore acres of Magani Emogani .. The plight of Telangana has become a state of farmer suicides before our eyes. Farmers’ houses are now in turmoil. Do not buy the harvested crop .. Do not offer a discounted price .. Do not forgive the debt. On the one hand there is a pile of unsold grain .. on the other hand there is a pile of debts .. In a state of non-participation in what to do, a herd of worms is taking refuge in the breadwinner. Some of the crop yields .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. … The most tragic thing is that the farmers in Telangana who have fought and achieved have to face this misery.

According to NCRB records, 8,400 farmers have committed suicide in the state in eight years. That means an average of three farmers commit suicide per day. In 2020, there will be 760 suicides across the state. This was revealed by the ‘farmer government’ itself in an official statement. In fact the number of farmer deaths will increase further if farmer deaths and suicides are combined. Farmers’ unions say more than 5,200 tenant farmers have committed suicide in the past eight months. They say there will be a lot of suicides that have not been officially reported yet.

The TRS government is deliberately hiding the number of farmers’ suicides. Or looking incessantly into the records. The state government has not counted farmer suicides since the implementation of the farmer insurance scheme. Some .. only if it becomes popular in the media, it is written in the list of suicides. And the rest of them do not count at all. When the Congress ranks come on the roads or when the people get anxious, the case is registered. Even if the case is registered .. unless the farmer shows different reasons for suicide .. there is no mention of crop damage. Poverty, land disputes, fights, problems between family members, illnesses, debts incurred on things other than farming and marriage are all covered up in the investigation reports.

Failure to fully implement the debt waiver scheme announced by the KCR government is the main reason for farmers’ suicides. Farmers are committing suicide due to non-payment of new loans by banks for old debt and investment costs. Most of the survivors are left in a state of irreparable misery after getting out in private. No crop insurance plans. There is no input subsidy.

There is no direction to support the farmers in case of heavy rains or drought. Nobody cares if the crops are damaged by heavy rains or washed away in the floods. From 2014 to 2020 there were no records of compensation being paid to farmers even once. Despite the rhetoric that the fake seed mafia will be crushed into the abyss.

The plight of the tenant farmers is indescribable. About 70 per cent of the farmers who commit suicide are themselves. ” Can a farmer become as good as a tenant? There is no one to help them, ”KCR said, pushing them further into the abyss. Those who support or commit suicide are taking refuge in them.

Everyone knows the previous Vadla Panchayat drama. Although the dramatic war waged by the TRS and the BJP for political gain has benefited them, it remains a great tragedy for Annadatta. Wadla’s purchases started late due to a fight between the two fools. Farmers moved the paddy to the market in a state of disorientation but there were tarpaulins, gonad bags or the misery of having to wait for weeks. Meanwhile, the piles of grain brought by the untimely rains were submerged and the farmers could not fall. Sinking vertically.

Should rice be harvested during the Yasangi season? Or cultivate an alternative crop? Farmers have been in the swing for a long time. Some dared and planted thin paddy as KCR said and wrapped up the losses with the arrival of adequate yields. Farmers are also committing forced deaths due to lack of proper mechanism for bargaining, lack of paddy cultivation in Yasangi, escalation of land issues due to extreme turbulence and unresolved issues that have been circulating for months.

The Congress has exposed the ‘Raitu Sangharshana Sabha’ organized by the Congress in Warangal as a platform for the struggle. Proof of this is the large number of people who attended this meeting. In this House, Rahul Gandhi very clearly explained the steps to be taken directly for the farmers of Telangana. Congress has promised a guarantee. It has been announced that if the Congress comes to power, it will implement a debt waiver of Rs two lakh at a time. ” Warangal Declaration ‘.. is not a simple statement. Not ordinary words. This is the guarantee given by the Congress party for the farmers. The Congress party is responsible for implementation. Farmer loan waiver will be the first step in fulfilling the dream of Telangana farmers, ” Rahul Gandhi assured.

“Telangana is a raw material for some leaders. Not so for us. To us Telangana means intestinal bond. Rewanth Reddy said that self-respect is the priority they give to farmers. Under the leadership of Rewanth Reddy, who is sincere and dedicated, all the leaders together have organized a huge gathering like no other political party in the history of Telangana. Donors seem to be happy that they will not find new support.

We will simultaneously waive Rs 2 lakh for farmers, provide investment assistance of Rs 15,000 per acre per annum to tenant farmers along with farmers, create better crop insurance, support support price for chillies is Rs 15,000, minimum support price for paddy is Rs 2.5 lakh, support price for cotton is Rs 6,500 and land. The ‘declaration’ that the farmer insurance scheme would be applied to non-farmers, a new agricultural policy would be formulated and a farmer commission would be set up is now causing a stir among TRS ministers and leaders. Moving their pedestals is a constant shake.

That is why .. the fact that the breadwinners are hanging on the gallows is working and propagating the lies that are visible to the naked eye. Although he is paying atonement in the name of ‘compensation’ to cover up his mistake .. he is trying hundreds of times to change his mind. Awakens Chewaks are exploding. However .. people are not in a position to believe their deceitful words now. There is no patience to tolerate their deceit. Proof of this is the influx of farmers to to the Warangal ‘Raitu Sangharshana Sabha’ despite obstacles at every step.